About Delegation Pitch

Delegation pitch category collects the applications of members that candidates themself to vote on your behalf.

In the Idle Governance system, each IDLE corresponds to one vote. IDLE token holders can vote through self-delegation or can delegate the voting right to any Ethereum address. Once you delegate your voting rights, you can revoke them anytime. How to delegate guide.

If you are looking to know more about the voting process, this is the how to vote guide.

Why delegate your votes?

  • To let community members that are working on Governance-decided initiatives to launch on-chain proposals (quorum is 130,000 $IDLE) and vote to execute them (quorum is 520,000 $IDLE);
  • To save fees (on-chain votes are transactions in the Ethereum blockchain);
  • To give more voting power to stakeholders or builders that are deeply involved in the development of the protocol and you would be confident in allowing them to vote on your behalf.

Delegation Pitch Framework

  • Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself and your experience. Delegates can stay anonymous.
  • Past works: Specify if you already contributed to Idle protocol development and how.
  • Motivation: What do you believe in, and why should people delegate to you? Make your case.