[BOUNTY] RFP-18: Create a Ribbon Finance Perp tranche

[BOUNTY] RFP-18: Create a Ribbon Finance Perp tranche


I’m looking to work on a perp tranche for Ribbon Finance. The implementation will be based on Perp Tranche interface.

Scope of the Work

From RFP-18 description:

Develop a strategy that can be used to deploy Idle Perp Tranches on Ribbon Finance.

As I understand the task, the new perp tranche should support as many tokens as possible which are supported by Ribbon finance. That could be ETH, stETH and possibly wBTC, AAVE and USDC.

There are similar implementations for mStable, Convex and Quickswap perp tranches and the work here is expected to be similar.

At the moment, I’m fiddling with Ribbon v2 tests locally and started looking into implementing interface methods and the relative tests in Idle Tranches repo.

Repo for stkIDLE: GitHub - Idle-Labs/idle-tranches: Idle Perpertual Yield Tranches contract implementation
Repo for Ribbon (v2): GitHub - ribbon-finance/ribbon-v2: Ribbon V2 for Theta Vaults

Discussion Links

Haven’t posted on about this on Discord yet, but I’m looking forward to discuss it further.


As I new user in the Idle DAO forum I could only typed two links in the post.

This is the interface that I understood has to be implemented with Ribbon:

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Hey @LiveDuo welcome to the Idle forum!
Great to read that you are already started to work on this RFP :clap:

Please join Idle Discord and send some messages about this RFP in the :moneybag:-dev-grants channel, from here we’ll create a thread to continue discussing the development :raised_hands:


Hey! Nice to see you are interested in this grant!

In general for this task one should create a new strategy for letting the main IdleCDO contract
deposit into Ribbon. Here you can find other strategies that are currently in use idle-tranches/contracts/strategies at master · Idle-Labs/idle-tranches · GitHub with the convex and the lido one being the most popular atm. The interface for the strategy is this one idle-tranches/IIdleCDOStrategy.sol at master · Idle-Labs/idle-tranches · GitHub where some of the methods like pullStkAave can be empty if not used


@LiveDuo feel free to join the discord server if you have more questions