Community Roadmap

Hi everyone!

This thread will be necessary to receive continuous feedback on the community roadmap.

The Pilot League has collected the initial feedback already shown in @Teo post, trying to prioritize some activities that, for the community, were found to be more important than others at the moment.

So we created a public roadmap where we added the activities in backlog, under discussion phase, in progress, and the done ones :white_check_mark:

In the roadmap, we want to emphasize what kind of value and effort each idea has. To do this, we used different colors (as explained by the first column legend that you find opening the roadmap).

We are now asking for some feedback regarding your understanding of the roadmap:

  • Do you think using these colors is understandable?
  • Would it be better to use only one letter at the end of the title of each task (e.g., LE for low effort, LU for low user value)?
  • Would it be useful to have a vote button with which you can see the tasks most voted by all those who see the roadmap (and therefore for which they think you should give more priority)?

We’re excited to hear what you think; The Pilot League is ready to work for the community! :rocket:

Community Roadmap


Question about the roadmap - is the backlog stackranked?
eg I see LP program way at the bottom and flashloans near the top.

I think the colors are fine, though maybe letterers would be easier to read. It’s a bit of a pain to have to go to trello and then open an image to see it, but maybe that’s fine.

I think some way for the community to express interest and disinterest in items on the roadmap would be good.

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Very nice :thumbsup: This kind of roadmap really helps visibility, I hope it will stay updated in real-time :slight_smile:

I second @tom, keeping backlog ordered would be useful (HU/LE, HU/HE, LU/LE, LU/HE).

Are you talking about governance voting on task priorities? That could be too much voting activity and could be prone to sybil abuse.


I like how most cards have links to forum discussions.

Snapshot polls should also be linked when possible. For example, here’s one for “LP incentives”: Snapshot


Thanks for your comments!

Meanwhile, what emerges is that it might be better to use letters rather than colors to identify high/low || user value/effort.

Going in order:

  • @tom no, currently, the backlog is not stack ranked; our idea to prioritize and order the backlog is to publish a snapshot periodically, asking the community which of the tasks from the backlog should be in the discussion phase column.

  • @idal yes (HU/LE, HU/HE, LU/LE, LU/HE) would be the acronyms to be used and also, theoretically, the order of priority that we should follow for the proposed ideas but, again, for the priority order of the tasks we would refer to the snapshots proposed to the community (so nothing about prone to Sybil abuse).

The vote button would be useful to give a visual idea of the consensus about the priority or not of a task also on Trello, but for that, we can just put the link of the snapshot in the legend column explaining how we prioritize the backlog through the community feedback) :ok_hand:

Furthermore, the more details we insert in Trello cards refer to the discussions in the forum and the better, so we will include any snapshot links related to the specific Trello card :grin: