Contributors Extensions for the Treasury League New Mandate (M3)


This post is about the recently concluded elections for new members to join Idle Treasury League’s next mandate, in particular to the candidate @kayleebushell.

As you know, in every new initiative brought forward by the Leagues, there has always been an open conversation with the community, where our community is free to bounce ideas and share suggestions. Ultimately, the community has always decided whether to proceed or not with the proposed initiative.

In this specific case, given the results of the vote, the Leagues’ members are asking for further consideration regarding the inclusion of candidate @kayleebushell within the Treasury League’s new mandate.


According to the current voting structure, and as the Treasury League election snapshot stands: “Governance will select the most voted candidates that will fill 1 full-time position. The number of selected contributors can be rounded up if a part-time candidate achieves the top position (in this case, League would accept 2 part-time members or up to 1.5 full-time members).”
With the current voting results (IDLE + stkIDLE), the full-time open position for Treasury League members would be filled by @Biaf.

Treasury League’s feedback on the candidate has already been reported before the launch of the voting: “The profile is well-aligned with the proposed level. League members engaged with the candidate, resulting in positive feedback”.

Furthermore, we want to highlight to you two points:

  1. Her application post had the focus also on the Business Development area, and given the recent managed initiatives (e.g. Polygon), this role is becoming more and more crucial for the League. So Kaylee, in this case, would cover a Treasury League need.

  2. Being a Part-time, Junior application, her compensation, added to that of @Biaf (which is a Mid-level), would have no further impact on costs because the sum of the compensations corresponds to what is already allocated for a Senior figure compensation.

At this point, in our opinion, can make a difference in the passion that a person can have by working in the Idle Leagues, and we appreciate it: would be a pity to not involve such a desire to contribute actively on daily basis.

Next steps

For these reasons, the Treasury League has decided to open a temperature-check to assess if the community would like to include the candidate in the Idle Leagues’ new mandate.

On behalf of the Treasury League, we would be happy to have her on board!

:arrow_right: Contributors Extensions for the Treasury League New Mandate (Idle Holders): HERE
:arrow_right: Contributors Extensions for the Treasury League New Mandate (Idle Stakers): HERE

:alarm_clock: Polls will close on 2021-09-01T20:00:00Z



The voting phase is over! :end:

Final $IDLE voting weights were calculated using the approved calculator.

These are the election’s results: congratulations to @kayleebushell (elected as Part-time Contributor for Finance&Accounting and Business Development) :fireworks: