Decoupling of Claim Governance tokens

Currently, when a claim function is called, it redeems not only the idle tokens but also the underlying yield governance tokens such as COMP tokens. This makes the claim transaction expensive. Ideally, the user should be given the option of redeeming either only the idle tokens or both the idle tokens and underlying yield governance tokens.

Benefits: User saves on gas costs.

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fees are especially relevant for smaller deposits.

This is something that can be done, but contracts needs to be changed. Currently gov tokens are redeemed both on mint and on redeem so the relative indexes (which tracks how many governance tokens a user should receive) are updated on each interaction. If gov tokens are not sent to the user on mint/redeems then those gov tokens need to be accounted somewhere else so another โ€˜indexโ€™ is probably needed with the relative refactoring of the code.

We are working on adding batched deposits support which requires no changes to the code and itโ€™s just a contract on top; this would partially mitigates the gas cost problem for mint with the aim of having it also for redeems (which is a bit more complicated)