Delegation board

Back in November 2020, the $IDLE token went live, and together with it, a decentralized governance composed of the $IDLE token holders. Each upgrade or change to the protocol since then can be voted for by both IDLE and stkIDLE holders either on-chain, with the Idle Improvement Proposals (IIP), or off-chain on Snapshot.

@Davide shared a guide on how to delegate your $IDLE voting power. It’s very important that IDLE token-holders interested in actively participating in the DAO governance either delegate another address or self-delegate their own wallet.

:arrow_right: The complete guide to delegation (on-chain and off-chain) can be found in our official documentation.

By visiting the Delegates section on the Idle governance dashboard, users can have a full view of how and when the most active addresses voted on IIPs.

Delegates board

This post will be used as a unified board to list all the active delegation pitches and be updated over time to include the new delegations.

The delegates will also be listed in the Governance dashboard on Tally.

:information_source: If you feel that you can be a delegate for the IDLE token holders, this is your time.

We are looking for committed governance participants who will be active, reliable and impactful delegates for the Idle DAO community aiming at the growth of the Idle ecosystem.

Please share a short description of yourself, why you should act as a delegate and the address that should be delegated.

Delegation pitches


@8bitporkchop received 3 delegations but seems no more active since September 2021 (IIP-12).

His delegators may consider to move their votes back to their wallets or delegate someone else.


[Delegation pitch] Treasury League

Since the Leagues’ launch in August 2021, Leagues have evolved into different teams:

  1. Communication League
  2. Development League
  3. Treasury League

The last two own a dedicated multisig to manage daily activities.

Today, the Treasury League’s multisig proposes itself as a delegate for $IDLE token holders.

Voting track record

The Treasury League multisig is one of the most active addresses in the IIPs’ votes with 20 proposals voted out of 24. Currently, it has 3 delegations and is responsible for ~200k $IDLE votes.


The Treasury League wants to operate as a trustworthy delegate for $IDLE token holders with the final goal to make the protocol and its ecosystem grow.

Delegation address



Hi all,

I also delegated myself, you can find my pitch here:

[DELEGATION PITCH] AllinCrypto - IDLE Factory


Hi all,

Recently iip-29 did not passed cos there weren’t enough votes.

What happened with all the people who are delegated?
Some people delegated a person in here who doesn’t vote anymore. All there votes are lost, cos the delegated person isn’t voting.

Without awareness of this (not voting delegators), people don’t change there delegate.

So @Biaf and the rest of the team, how can we turn this tide?

Is there any opportunity to make a Delegation (pitch) undone, for example if the delegator doesn’t vote anymore for 3 to 5 on chain votes?

How to inform people that they delegate to someone who isn’t voting anymore?

I think we should brainstorm about how to continue, so that not to much votes get lost.

And maybe how to get those who delegated, to get them back in action for voting every time.

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