[Delegation Pitch] Oregon Blockchain Group (OBG) - Meta Delegate Program


The Oregon Blockchain Group (OBG) is a student-led organization that was founded in 2018. The group strives to create a comprehensive platform that empowers and provides students with the tools they need to make a meaningful impact not only in their own lives but in their communities. Our objective as a group is to explore and leverage the full potential of the blockchain to bring positive change in the world.

OBG is a diverse collection of students ranging from many backgrounds including, finance, economics, computer science, accounting, mathematics, and much more. We believe that working with Idle DAO would be a great opportunity for our members to gain experience and make a positive impact on a product that is used by many.

Past Works

At OBG, we’re involved in a wide range of Web3 initiatives. Our activities are designed to enhance our understanding of this industry so we can pave the way for others wanting to get involved. Primarily, the OBG hears crypto project pitches from members for our investment fund-style cryptocurrency portfolio. The group votes and makes decisions based on quantitative, strategic and financial analysis of investments in the best interest of the group. Additionally, the OBG participates in activities to facilitate comprehensive learning in the blockchain space.

A list of activities our group conducts are the following:

  • Crypto project pitches for our fund
  • Market and project analysis
  • Hosting guest speakers from the industry
  • Workshops
  • Educational seminars
  • Twitter Threads
  • Medium Articles
  • Networking
  • Twitter Spaces
  • Discord Community
  • LinkedIn
  • OBG Fund (ETH Chain Assets)


Our involvement with Idle DAO is driven by a strong belief in the potential of this platform to offer valuable and enriching experiences to our members. As a community, we understand the importance of providing opportunities for hands-on learning and application in this industry.

If granted delegation privileges, the OBG will develop proposals that will:

  • Facilitate a strong community environment
  • Improve Idle DAO protocol functionality
  • Return best yield opportunities

The Oregon Blockchain Group is eager to partner with Idle DAO and can’t wait to see the opportunities it brings to OBG members and the Idle DAO community.

Delegate Address:

Gnosis Safe Address [2 of 3]: 0x875dD8b6eB0ab29F01e47C37c2A8d8eE882807f5


Welcome to the Idle forum, it’s great to have you here!

Do you have anything in mind already to tackle one of the points above? I’d like to know more!


Great to see a new university club joining our meta-delegate program, welcome on board!


Welcome to Idle DAO @Oregon_Blockchain team – glad to have you part of the community and as metadelegate!

Dittoing what @william said, I’d be interested in hearing more about what you have in mind!

As you mentioned market/project analysis, and threads/articles, I think the below ref could also be interesting for you.

Really like that you also mentioned Twitter Spaces; I think a Metadelegates AMA could be something cool to host, so you guys and other universities can share your takes about DeFi.

Look forward to chatting about your ideas!


Hi @william ! We are happy to be here. We just finished drafting our first proposal. I would love to share it with you and ask for some feedback. I can reach out to you on Discord if that works.


Thanks for having us!


Hi @Teo, as I mentioned in my reply to @william, we just finished our first proposal! We’d be happy to share it with you. It would be awesome to get some feedback on our initial proposal.