Governance Mining #1 - June/July 2022 DAO Rewards

After introducing the Governance Mining initiative, we’re now excited to officially announce the first rewards for the most active DAO members of the last 30 days! :raised_hands: :rocket:

Top 5 Addresses on Idle Finance Karma Dashboard (30 days filter)

  1. 0x6f85d3cb1990cecae9f91c164e7a851937969314
  2. 0x50ee80e8a86d50b8e7f302b23bb666a4f5d89e4a
  3. 0xc70f6273f7edf28f28810ea0b8dec35eb00bca81
  4. 0x65e5017a384b2774374812dc766fc4e026bb23e5
  5. 0x50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0b8be03dbcea4cb3990

Karma Score Reputation

  • 0x6f85d3cb1990cecae9f91c164e7a851937969314 = 132 score
  • 0x50ee80e8a86d50b8e7f302b23bb666a4f5d89e4a = 66 score
  • 0xc70f6273f7edf28f28810ea0b8dec35eb00bca81 = 33 score
  • 0x65e5017a384b2774374812dc766fc4e026bb23e5 = 33 score
  • 0x50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0b8be03dbcea4cb3990 = 33 score

Rewards (total budget 2k IDLE to distribute)

Here’s the transaction.

  • 889 IDLE to 0x6f85d3cb1990cecae9f91c164e7a851937969314
  • 445 IDLE to 0x50ee80e8a86d50b8e7f302b23bb666a4f5d89e4a
  • 222 IDLE to 0xc70f6273f7edf28f28810ea0b8dec35eb00bca81
  • 222 IDLE to 0x65e5017a384b2774374812dc766fc4e026bb23e5
  • 222 IDLE to 0x50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0b8be03dbcea4cb3990



Good job, this can literally be motivating to get the community more active in anticipation.

It should be promoted in multiple ways from time to time , and in easy texture.

For now the price pool is splitted to 5 people, will that be more of the community grows?


How will it work with forum and discord activity?
Cos, for this moment… a wallet isn’t connected to those.
So people can only anticipate if they connect there wallet or … ?
Won’t it be a exposure to something private (wallet) ??

Missed a other post about linking with forum.
But in my opinion, it should be easier to use to attract people. Totally build in the IDLE system, but yes will be hard for now.

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@AllinCrypto thanks for the feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding your questions:

  • Discord score can be added to the general score of a member only if he/she links their nickname to their wallet (same for the Forum score). This can be done through a Discord bot that we’ll implement soon in the Idle server.

  • For privacy, it is up to the individual to link or not their nicknames to their public addresses. If the user wants more scores (if is very active on Discord and Forum), we just provide the possibility to get it by connecting their nicknames. Other DAOs that are working with Karma are doing the same as well.

In your opinion, what could be the other ways to promote it?
As for now, do you think that it is hard to understand how the initiative works?

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Thanks for the answers, and yes ofcourse it’s up to the user himself/herself to connect or not.
Don’t know if it is a necessary thing or there could have been other options without this exposure.
For example, linking it behind a profile.

And yeah, it’s maybe over thinking, but people knowing each others wallets, creates discussions.

Was it easy to link?
As i do a lot on my mobile phone, things can be harder than on a computer.
Like just mentioned on the other topic, it is pretty hard to link the forum with my coinbase wallet. Don’t have the idea it already worked. :sweat_smile:

Promotions, at this moment isn’t the right time other than to the community there already is, but i do see a lot potential in this. Especially when a multiple things can be linked. But multiple things where already mentioned in a other topic. I only missed that. :see_no_evil:

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