[GRANT] IDLE Analytics Site

Create a community analytics dashboard that provides as much depth and statistics as possible about the IDLE protocol :bar_chart:. The initial idea was discussed in this post and came up multiple times on Telegram and Discord conversations.

Therefore the Pilot League committee has decided to take this initiative forward and implement this project for the Idle community :family_man_woman_girl_boy: :heart:. We are keen to see applications from our community members (all DeFi builders are definitely welcomed).

The analytics dashboard can be developed using different platforms and protocols; a couple of possible implementation are:

  • Building a Dune Analytics [duneanalytics.com] dashboard (Idle v4 contracts are already indexed there)
  • Deploying a subgraph to index Idle smart contracts (as suggested by 8bitporkchop here) and build an analytics front-end on top of the subgraph.

A good reference is the analytics page from Harvest here https://farmdashboard.xyz/. IDLEs analytics page should have similarities in terms of the depth of data provided.

Also, 8bitporkchop dashboard https://explore.duneanalytics.com/dashboard/idle_v4 has lots of good statistics and info about IDLE which should be included.

Budget: The quote in $IDLE to deliver the Proposal is in a range from 0 to 400 $IDLE. The Pilot League Committee will reward the selected applicants in proportion to the final outcome. In this way, the grant proposal is flexible and applicants can pick few or all parameters.

1. Scope of the Work
Mandatory requirements for the analytics page must collect parameters not listed in any other dashboard:

  • $IDLE Token Holders
  • Unique users
  • (Growth) New Unique Users / Week
  • IDLE price
  • IDLE Price Chart
  • Idle Total Profit Earned Breakdown
  • Idle Total Rebalances
  • FeeCollector balance over time
  • Smart Treasury focus: Total swap volume, Total swap fee, $BAL rewards, funds received by FeeCollector, $IDLE buyback
  • Rebalancer balance over time
  • FeeTreasury balance over time
  • Idle Pools APYs (including $IDLE)
  • Governance overview (on-chain and off-chain voting stats)
  • Calculator where users can easily get an estimate of potential rewards from pools for both APY, IDLE & COMP distribution.
  • Others…

Nice to have parameters include protocol-related data:

Low-priority parameters are optional

  • Liquidity, trades, price, charts on all pools where IDLE is available (ex. Sushi, Uniswap, Balancer)
  • Track trades on all exchanges
  • Track Liquidity on all exchanges
  • Gas Price, BTC & ETH price
  • dashboard section with direct links to exchanges
  • Link or visual integration of Trello’s roadmap to see what has been recently accomplished.
  • Others…

2. Discussion Links
IDLE Analytics Site

3. Application Window
The dev application window will open from when this post is created and will be open until 2021-03-17T17:00:00Z. This may be extended up to 24 hours.

4. How to apply
Candidates should provide the following information:

  • Bio & Background: Briefly introducing yourself (or the team) and past works. Applicants can remain anonymous, but past works should be mandatory to evaluate the skills of the developer.
  • Technology Specs: Specify tech & approach you will use to develop the Proposal
  • Timeline: Provide a roadmap/timeline for the assignment

When the open candidacy period ends, the Pilot League Committee will discuss the applications. The final winner(s) will be announced in the governance forum here :arrow_down: :trophy:.

The winner(s) will not immediately receive the Grant, but rewards will be assigned once the proposal lands off-chain :money_with_wings:.


Hello guys I am aaaaaaaaaa, I definitely can work on a Dune dashboard although I need some help. I would be glad to share the grant with anyone willing to join the working group.


I have recently learnt SQL basics & Dune platform, and I am one of the co-authors of the Hegic dashboard https://explore.duneanalytics.com/dashboard/hegic-v2

Tech Specs

In the past days I have started working on a Idle dashboard, you can find a first draft here @ https://explore.duneanalytics.com/dashboard/idle-v4 (I have taken some queries from 8bitporkchop’s idle dashboard).


3 weeks


In order to collect more applications and let other candidates form the working group, we would like to extend the applications’ window up to 2021-03-20T21:00:00Z. (final deadline).

We encourage the Idle community to share this grant among their networks :rocket:


Hello all, my name is Asaf, I’d be happy to participate in a working group as @aaaaaaaaaa suggested (great name btw, love it). I would be inclined to build out the analytics site with the graph protocol for a number of reasons.

  1. Its decentralised nature
    The graph is a decentralised indexing protocol, meaning there is no central point of failure, and to me is a natural design choice given that idle is a decentralised protocol.
  2. It is extensible
    Dune analytics is great, and super easy to use and get started with, however it has limits to what can be indexed with it, since they use their own indexing solution to track events. With the graph protocol custom event handlers can be created, even handlers on specific function calls on contracts.
  3. It is flexible
    Since graph protocol exposes a queryable graphQL API, many different types of queries can be made to it, making it highly customisable to meet most, if not all of the requirements for the analytics page. It also allows other community members to easily integrate and build community dashboards.

With that said, I haven’t had much hands on experience with the graph protocol, and I am still experimenting with it locally, and I’m happy to team up with other members to help build this out.

I also don’t have much experience with building front-ends, so anything I make in that regard may be quite basic :sweat_smile:.

With regards to a timeline for this assignment, I feel like an iterative approach should be taken to get a prototype built, and keep extending upon that. Perhaps a basic subgraph including mints, burns, transfers and rebalances, then building upon that.


Great to see a possible working group for the Grant @aaaaaaaaaa & @8bitporkchop ! :clap:

I would like to ask if Idle would get any $GRT rewards if we use the Graph platform?


Congrats to @aaaaaaaaaa & @8bitporkchop for their partnership :clap: :trophy:
We look forward to seeing the outcome of your work :man_technologist:

The Pilot Leauge Committee will evaluate the need to set up a new grant for the front end user interface later.


As an update on this grant regarding subgraph development, the first version of the subgraph is live, and can be accessed here: https://thegraph.com/explorer/subgraph/idle-finance/idle

The repo for the subgraph is here: GitHub - Idle-Finance/idle-subgraph: subgraph for the idle protocol

The following events are tracked:

  • Mint
  • Redeem
  • Transfer
  • Rebalance
  • Referral

In addition to this user profits and fees are indexed.
Unique users, token price, total supply, fees paid, number of rebalances and more are also indexed for each idle product.

I have also created some sample queries to experiment with on the subgraph playground.

More features can be added to this subgraph, and I expect this to be updated over time. The current syncing time is ~30 minutes.


Hello everyone, an update on the Dune side as well.

The dashboard is almost complete, we need to add some minor tweak such as $IDLE distribution and have to wait for the WETH pool to be indexed by Dune.

Feel free to report any bug you spot, any suggestions or whatever :slightly_smiling_face:



Fantastic - great work guys!

Quick question to the team: How do you ensure you are producing the best yield for users? How do you monitor or portrait that?
How can we make it easy for users to compare?
Perhaps Looking at Defi Pulse

IDLE is not on the top 5 even with it’s Best Yield DAI return

CREAM = 10.19% vs. IDLE = 10.6%

Interested to hear your thoughts…

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I guess we can also move this to ‘done’ on the roadmap?

“We” do not ensure to pick the best yields, but the Dynamic Allocation Mechanism is set to optimize yields over time. The DAM is planned for smart decisions: it avoids jumping in a high APY protocol if there are no guarantees that it remains stable for long periods, it would be a waste of gas fees. Therefore sometimes the APY might not be the best one, but on the long term it is designed to reach the goal.

There are 2 ways to monitor the APYs: take data from the blockchain and calculate the returns, or use the Idle API.

That’s a decision on Defipulse side. I think the Pilot League might plan to contact them to add Idle in the list, even if probably they can not enjoy the B2B program as they just redirect visitors to the protocol’s page.

Moved :white_check_mark:


I see, thanks for the explanation. It might be good to model this out (perhaps you have). And frame this point. As you may have an inflexion point where the 3,6,9 month APY runs at a better rate vs. other platforms.

Yah, this would be a good shout I think. They are playing a key part in DeFi awareness.


I would say that there is also the easy way which is to look at the stats page Idle | Always the best yield, with no effort :slight_smile: (it only covers protocols that we support)


The Pilot League Committee has finalized the review of the Dune and Graph Analytics sites developed by @aaaaaaaaaa & @8bitporkchop. Based on the initial requirements and what was effectively delivered, we agreed that a fair compensation is 300 $IDLE in total, that is going to be paid in the following days :money_with_wings:. Update on the payment transaction will follow.

Thanks to @aaaaaaaaaa & @8bitporkchop for their great teamwork and the outcome for the Idle community :family_man_woman_girl_boy: :heart:.


As this grant was allocated to a working group composed by @aaaaaaaaaa & @8bitporkchop we have to define how we will split the rewards of 300 $IDLE.
[edited] The working group agreed to split the rewards 60/40 (@8bitporkchop / @aaaaaaaaaa). The Pilot League Committee will process the payment :money_with_wings:.


You can use this address for me 0x1929A0454cDD4d925E8Fc9b6c366ECD7844866F2


I would like to add that I have been busy lately but I will work on adding some new stats and tweak the current ones as soon as possible.

0xb75fc2f1a5A3780A6354901A190879777a8c1B4D, thank you so much again.



The payment is processed, see details for verification below:

  • 180 IDLE to 0x1929A0454cDD4d925E8Fc9b6c366ECD7844866F2 (@8bitporkchop)
    Hash: 0x8ff1054121b01d7657fa69fb09be9d8710cbba06e014cca38c491c844665d149

  • 120 IDLE to 0xb75fc2f1a5A3780A6354901A190879777a8c1B4D (@aaaaaaaaaa)
    Hash: 0x7bcc8e4ecfc50a2feaf54504122cb2324014f05a589f7792dada6f934ae013c3

Thanks again for your work :clap: :pray:


Good work guys! It’s lovely to see all key metrics in one view.

Sorry, I am late for the party, and it’s just a suggestion:

Would it be possible to map the decimal places in the overlay info boxes consistent in the 3 graphs below? Perhaps 3dp would do?

As I say, very small point. The rest looks great!