[Idea for Pilot League] Informational Articles about Idle


Since its inception, we built Idle in order to provide an open environment, allowing any type of actor to access the protocol. To convey these opportunities to the entire ecosystem, content that helps break down complex concepts into a format that is easy to understand would be a valuable asset.

This might be handled by our Pilot League, and the project I’m envisioning is:

Project Plan

A series of clearly written articles, each up to 2’000 words in length. Visuals are very welcome where they can add value (charts, screenshots, and photos). The articles should always include an ELI5 paragraph so that beginners can follow along and understand the high-level concepts without feeling lost. Assume your audience might not be specialized in math, finance, and computer science. They are sophisticated enough to use Metamask or other user-friendly wallets to perform simple DeFi transactions, without necessarily understanding everything that’s going on under the hood.

Topics to cover (open to suggestions):

  • Idle Protocol overview (architecture, rebalance, benefits)
  • Providing liquidity on Idle
  • Using Idle Dashboard tools (fiat-on ramps, insurance [when available], migration tool)
  • Using Batched Deposits (and soon Batched Redeems)
  • Building on Idle (integrating idleTokens)
  • Smart Treasury overview
  • Best-Yield and Risk-Adjusted strategies overview
  • How Idle Governance works, IIPs creation flow, how to vote and delegate $IDLE

Content marketing seems to be a very effective growth channel these days. The intention is for these to be distributed via substack?

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Thank you @Teo for sharing this idea; I think this is a critical topic also for new users that need some informative and precise content to understand Idle’s well.

The Pilot League will soon announce a grant category specifically for educational content on Idle, among others featured :open_book: :moneybag:

In the meantime, let’s consider the topics to be covered by you put in the list; I’m sure the community will create useful and quality content :grinning: