IDLE.Finance website

I mentioned it before on TG, and maybe in a topic here.

We really need a update or restructure of the homepage.

The homepage is the visitors card of the whole product, without any updates visible right away, it doesn’t look like idle is a active product.

It doesn’t have to be big ride away, but at least it needs to show some updates on the homepage.

For example:
-A link to every new $IDLE beats.
-A box with Twitter updates
-A box with Governance forum updates/messages.

If you asked me, this should be solved yesterday.
Because those things should be possible to integrate easily.

Further i would like to see other ideas for the near future if it’s about the homepage.


Hi @AllinCrypto – along with the C&M League (@DenisDevcic and @mikojava), we’re preparing a re-structuring of the brand identity for Idle, and the landing page at will be included.

Re updates, do you have any visual example of what you mean with the following?

(CC @samster91)


Sure, for twitter:


For the Governance forum a suggest to show straight on the homepage the hottest topic and maybe like the 3 latest topics. Titles only.

The latest $IDLE beats should be straight accessible on the homepage, now it isn’t.

I almost should suggest, at this point, that the dashboard should be the homepage. Lot more activity over there.

Hey @AllinCrypto, thanks for the note, currently we are finishing some crucial updates in the dashboard, after that, as Matteo said, we planned to do a total makeover of the current landing page.