[IIP-24] M3-2022 Leagues budget, and $IDLE incentives distribution update


Treasury League and Development League


This proposal collects multiple initiatives:


For a comprehensive analysis of each initiative, we suggest visiting the dedicated governance forum posts linked below.

Leagues M3-2022 budgetForum post

@Teo shared a detailed analysis of the M2 achievements and the M3 goals. He also presented a Leagues restructure plan aiming to reduce Leagues expense and asked for the M3-2022 budget.

$IDLE incentives distribution updateForum post

I have analysed the $IDLE incentives programs (Liquidity Mining program for BY and the Gauges system for PYTs) and shared some proposals to address the $IDLE’s distribution strategy challenges:

  1. Adjust $IDLE incentive distribution
  2. Gauges distribution adjustment
  3. Best Yield deployment into Senior PYTs
  4. Governance mining

This IIP focuses on the first 2 points

  • Liquidity Mining program (Best Yield strategy): 2,215 → 1000 $IDLE/day
  • Gauges system (Perpetual Yield Tranches): 990 $IDLE/day


The code for the IIP-24 can be found here.

IIP-24 actions:

  • Transfer $IDLE from IdleController to the Gauge Distributor
  • Set the new distribution rate for the Liquidity Mining program (i.e. Best Yield incentives)
  • Transfer of funds to the Treasury League Multisig for the M3-2022 budget

The length of the Gauge Distributor’s distribution should update automatically with the new $IDLE received.

Next Step

We are going to leave this thread open for comments regarding these changes, and in about 48 hours, if there are no objections, we will proceed with the on-chain proposal and the voting phase.


On-chain Voting Phase

:writing_hand: Cast your on-chain $IDLE vote here: HERE
:spiral_calendar: End date: 2022-08-25T08:00:00Z

:writing_hand: $IDLE stakers (stkIDLE holders) can vote here: HERE
:spiral_calendar: End date: 2022-08-24T17:00:00Z

The threshold to make the off-chain poll valid (both metrics should be reached):

  • 30% of circulating stkIDLE voting the poll (min. 222,559 stkIDLE)
  • at least 70% on the same option.

The stkIDLE voting calculator will be used to calculate the final results.


Seems i am the only member who voted on chain, at least, till now.

I must say, loading the on chain data etc. In the app Is going very slow on a mobile device, didn’t checked on a computer.
But with A Galaxy S21+ , and a fast internet connection, this should go way more faster then +1 minute loading time.

I can imagine that it’s not motivating to vote if things go very slow.

Hopefully tomorrow there are enough votes, i do know some people wait till the last moment, but still… we are going to feel more and more that some users aren’t active anymore who do have a large staking bag.

Concerning the Governance Mining program, related to voting, i posted some questions here:

Voting results

IIP-24 hasn’t reached the quorum to be executed on-chain

The thresholds to make the off-chain poll valid (i.e. the stkIDLE pool) were:

  • 30% of circulating stkIDLE voting the poll (min. 222,559 stkIDLE)
  • at least 70% on the same option

stkIDLE votes collected 205k votes (corresponding to 313,584 IDLE votes), hence weren’t cast on-chain by the Leagues.

Next steps

There was a lower voting engagement for this IIP. Still, we can clearly see that the DAO agreed on the execution of the 2 proposals under vote (M3 Leagues budget and the update of the $IDLE incentives distribution). Hence, in a couple of days we will:

  • Open the IIP-25 with the same proposals under vote
  • Better summarize the two proposals to help an informed vote by IDLE holders

In the meantime, we are already working on fine-tuning the current Governance Mining program to better reward the active governance members of the DAO, you can join the discussion here → Idle DAO Governance Mining.

We will also promote meta-delegate initiatives like the ones recently published in the Governance from universities clubs such as the Blockchain Education Network and the UBC Blockchain.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to delegate your IDLE votes before the launch of the next IIP :rocket: