[JOB] Dev League - Open Applications (M2)

The Pilot League initiative passed the Temperature Check and we now can move on to build the Committee’s team members.

The initial idea was discussed in this post, and the set parameters has been formalized and voted by the community here

The Pilot League has been the first iteration of Idle Leagues, a self-directed, global, and increasingly decentralized organization. We then unveiled our plan for a nested subDAOs structure embodying different departments (communications, development, legal) one month later.

We are excited to take this initiative forward and implement this initial component to facilitate community governance and start to incrementally build an organizational structure for the Idle community. We are keen to see applications from our community (and any DeFi builder or founder is definitely welcomed) and collaborate with project managers and supervisors.

Dev specs:

  • Mandate Budget: $ 20,000 in ETH for operations

  • Mandate Duration: 3 months since members’ election via snapshot poll;

  • Budget Management: 2-of-3 MultiSig wallet. One key per member (Supervisor and Developers).

Open roles:

  • 2 full-time developers (part-time possible)

  • 1 Supervisors

Developer (Dev)


  • Build new Idle strategies

  • Deploy IIPs and contracts approved by the Governance

  • Perform security reviews

  • Provide technical feedback on community discussions and new technologies

Monthly Compensation:

Role Fixed salary Bonus
Senior Dev level 2 $10-11 200 $IDLE
Senior Dev level 1 $8-9k 150 $IDLE
Mid-level Dev $6-7k 100 $IDLE
Junior Dev $4-5k 50 $IDLE

Contributors would receive their fixed salary according to the following composition: 50% in ETH/stablecoins, 50% in unlocked $IDLE.

The $IDLE bonus would be accessible with a 3-month linear unlock only if the contributor continues to work in the next mandate.

Seniority Guidelines:

  • Senior Dev level 2: 7+ years of experience in computer science/software engineering, with 3+ years of provable experience in DeFi/Solidity development.

  • Senior Dev level 1: 7+ years of experience in computer science/software engineering, with 1-2 years of provable experience in DeFi/Solidity development.

  • Mid-level Dev: 3-7 years of experience in computer science/software engineering, with up to 1 year of provable experience in DeFi/Solidity development.

  • Junior Dev: Less than 3 years of experience in computer science/software engineering, with up to 6 months of provable experience in DeFi/Solidity development.

In general, these guidelines help candidates to better position themselves and give Leagues members a starting point for shaping out the compensation plan and workflow. Yet, experience and area of expertise have marginal importance when building complex projects from scratch, particularly in an experimental space like DeFi. What does matter is a burning desire to learn more, constantly improve yourself, and solve tricky problems on a daily basis. We are looking for people from finance, marketing, business, and product development. However, as we took an incrementally growing structure for Idle Leagues, you can assure yourself that whatever you contribute (in terms of an engineer or otherwise) is always heard and discussed.

Selected applicants will enter a 3-week sprint phase, where they would receive the midpoint compensation for their seniority level. After this bootstrap sprint, Supervisors will define the final compensation package. In this timeframe, SVs have the right to upgrade/downgrade if it’s clear that the proposed seniority level is not matched.



  • Guide devs in planning and delivery phases;

  • Provide feedback about technical solutions and approaches to devs;

Preferred areas of expertise:

  • Experience in Designing, building and testing smart contracts and related infrastructure

  • Technical and practical understanding of DeFi

  • Knowledge of Solidity and smart contract development

Monthly Compensation:

$850 + 15 $IDLE

Contributors would receive their fixed salary according to the following composition: 50% in ETH/stablecoins, 50% in unlocked $IDLE.

The $IDLE bonus would be accessible with a 3-month linear unlock only if the contributor continues to work in the next mandate.

How to apply

Reply below this post with the following information.

  • Role and seniority level: Choose only one role to apply for;

  • Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself and your working experience. Applicants can stay anonymous, but a portfolio of past activities is necessary to evaluate the skills of the applicant;

  • Motivation: What makes you a good profile for this position?

Deadline: Applications will be open until 2021-04-30T14:00:00Z.

The window can be extended by 7 days more to collect more applications.


Hi Guys :wave:,

I’m Asaf, and I’m super excited to apply for a dev position with IDLE, so far my contributions to the IDLE community have been limited to my weekends, and during off time. By applying for a formal position through the dev league I will be able to dedicate more time to build upon the idle protocol. I am especially interested in building new features such as IDLE staking, but I would also like to be involved in protocol integrations, and also protocol analytics.

  • Role and seniority level : Mid-level Dev [Part time]. I will be able to dedicate 2 working days + weekends for this role.

  • Introduction : [Brief] Software Engineering Masters. 5+ years in software development. Passionate about DeFi and all things crypto. Contributor to IDLE since 2019.

    I started getting into cryptocurrency through Bitcoin about 7 years ago, and became fascinated with the technology. Subsequently, Ethereum and DeFi have proven to me the power of smart contracts and decentralised technologies, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I heard about IDLE in 2019 and have been a user ever since. I have contributed to a number of initiatives for idle such as the original dune analytics dashboard (now deprecated). I subsequently taught myself solidity and developed the smart treasury bootstrap and the fee collector. More recently I have worked on the IDLE LP staking geyser and the IDLE subgraph.

  • Motivation : As a long time user of IDLE and an active participant of the pilot league, I can say I have great confidence in the future success of IDLE. I would like to contribute in the best way possible to its success. Applying for a position in the dev league puts me in a place to contribute in this way. In addition to this, I believe that working with a passionate team of solidity devs will allow me to learn even more, and improve my own skills as a solidity dev.


Hi guys,
This is Roy, a senior solidity developer. Idle Finance is one of my dream projects, and I am really excited to apply to be an idler here.

  • Role and seniority level: Senior Dev level 2, full-time.

  • Introduction: I am a senior smart contract/solidity developer with 10 years of software development experience and 5 years of solidity experience. As a software developer, I worked as a full-time employee and lead developer in a few world-famous companies including Shopee and Aetna.

Quite familiar with defi stuffs, especially, I worked as an engineer in several defi platforms including Harvest Finance (https://harvest.finance), GoChain/GoSwap(https://gochain.io), Badger Finance(not much) and Corn Finance (startup).

I started blockchain development 6 years ago, as a solidity developer and blockchain core developer and worked in Komodo platform, Nix and etc.

  • Motivation: As I worked in several defi platforms including yield aggregator, I am familiar with several kinds of defi/farming/lending strategies. and I also worked as a harvest finance engineer which includes idle finance USDC farming strategy, so I already got familiar with idle strategies. Can’t wait to be a member of this great defi storm.

Hello everyone,

My name is David and would like to apply for a dev position to build our IDLE more powerful.

  • Role and seniority level : Senior Dev level 2, full-time.
  • Introduction : Solidity developer with 7 years of software development experience. Working on the Defi for over 3 years, I’ve worked on several protocols and mainly focused on DEX, yield farming and lending protocols.
    Especially have a deep understanding of Compound and AAVE through analysis of their smart contracts.
    Main product: hal9k (http://hak9k.ai/), keeperdao (https://app.keeperdao.com/)…
    Experienced standards: ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, EIP-712, IERC-162 …

hal9k is yield farming protocol and I mainly worked on staking contract.
I improved the reward calculating approach for users to able to get more rewards than other protocols.

While working on KeeperDAO, in case the borrower’s collateral is liquidated, I made the borrower receive some percentage of the collateral as a kind of incentive for the borrower.

In addition, I developed an ‘emergency transfer’ contract which allows the user to send all the tokens in the wallet to the backup address he set before in case his wallet is hacked.

And I worked on an Atomic swap project which allows users to able to do cross-chain trading.

  • Motivation : Familiar with Defi protocol and love IDLE.

hey @Bytersbytes and @David, thanks for applying! Can you please provide the GitHub links that feature your activities, and report more evidences of your contributions in the mentioned projects?


I would like to apply on behalf of the Idle Labs team for the role of Supervisor, represented by myself (LinkedIn profile) and Andrea (LinkedIn profile).


Idle Labs, Inc is the team that led the protocol development from its early days in July 2019 since the governance launch in November 2020. I’m the CTO in Idle Labs, Inc, and the Lead solidity developer. Andrea joined the Idle Labs team in December 2020 and has been working on both core and periphery Idle contracts, and has been a core Ethereum developer with Status during the last 3 years.

Github: Idle · GitHub

William Github: bugduino (William Bergamo) · GitHub

Andrea Github: gravityblast (Andrea Franz) · GitHub


As part of the genesis team, I’d like to bring my experience in the Idle ecosystem and DeFi products to supervise Dev League activities. This position would be the natural evolution of my commitment to Idle, after designing the protocol and Governance infrastructure.


How are you?
This is Martin, blockchain(smart contract by solidity, dApp by react, angular), web frontend, mobile app(android, ios) developer with 12 yrs of experience.
I’d like to apply to I am very happy to apply to this role.

Role and Seniority level : Senior Dev level-2, Full time.
I had worked soju finance, Jupiter, PancakeSwap, Chesscoin 032 projects and I am focusing on the develop of dApp including DEX, NFT.
Also, worked on the Reactjs and Angular 2.
Else this, what I can help you with?
I had worked on the mobile development for 6 years before.
So, I can help you with mobile app development too.

Full time freelancer who can work at any timezone, with 12 years of experiences.
Best regards.


Thanks for your reply, Davide
Here’s my Github profile.

From my github profile, you can see my commits to corn finance and harvest finance. And in the Organizations section, you would see I am still a member of the GoChain organization.
I worked in v2 upgrade of the Badger finance product, and it is private repo, so can’t see it on my GitHub profile.
You would also see other solidity projects from my pinned repos and repositories section.

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Hi everyone.

  • Role: Mid-level Dev [Part Time: 20-25 hours per week]

  • Introduction: I am interested to work with idle as a smart contract dev. I have been writing software for 7+ years and have been involved in the ethereum community since late 2016/early 2017. For the last few months I have been contributing to various defi projects.

  • Relevant Work done:

Idle Specific:

  1. Idle Barnbridge Smart Yield: I worked on creating a tranche system for idle by integrating idle as a provider in barnbridge smart yield product. This was done as a part of gitcoin hackathon hosted by idle.
    Repo: GitHub - 0xrs/idle-barnbridge-smart-yield

Non-idle public solidity projects:

  1. Halo Rewards: Created a liquidity mining reward system for HaloDao.
    Repo: GitHub - 0xrs/halo-rewards

  2. Token Basket Swaps: Allows a user defined swap for one basket of tokens for another. The swap is implemented as a meta transaction where the trade is signed by maker and executed by taker and supports any number of ERC20/ERC721/ERC1155 tokens within a swap.
    Repo: GitHub - 0xrs/token-basket-swaps-metatx at stacked-actions

  3. Digg-Pooltogether: Add Diggsett as a yield source on pooltogether.
    Repo: GitHub - 0xrs/digg-pooltogether

Non-idle private unfinished solidity projects:

  1. Covered Yield Bearing Tokens for Nexus Mutual: Designed natively covered yield bearing tokens that work by pooling yield tokens and buying cover for the pool from nexus mutual. This turns originally non-fungible covers into fungible covered yield tokens that are fungible with each other and hence can be used seamlessly in the defi economy like any other ERC20 tokens. This design has an added benefit of not requiring users to pay for the cover upfront. Instead the smart contract buys cover periodically (with the help of incentivized keepers) for the whole pool using the yield generated by yield tokens and effectively give back yield - insurance cover to users.

  2. Leveraged tokens for the Perp protocol: Designed ftx style leveraged tokens (ETHBULL3x, ETHBEAR3x, etc) on top of the perp protocol that trustlessly manages a leveraged position for the pool (at a certain margin ratio) with the help of incentivized keepers.

  • Motivation:

I came to know about idle recently through gitcoin grants. I think very few projects have the kind of active community involvement that idle has.

The pace at which idle ships new products is mind blowing. It’s also really awesome how generous the whole idle community is. My gitcoin grant was generously matched by a community member without ever informing me. Another community member @unicorn generously offered to send me a tip for proposing to work on his idle + pooltogether idea. I’m really grateful for that.

Also the general space that idle is focused on of increasing capital efficiency by building unique and optimal yield strategies is such an interesting problem and full of interesting possibilities.

All of this makes me really want to be a part of the project.

I’m really excited to explore and work on all the new kinds of products that are possible and be a part of this awesome community. I think I would be a good fit as I have the skills required to deliver on new products quickly, I am really interested in this problem space so will be motivated to explore new possible integrations much more quickly than the rest of the market to give us that edge and I have some sense of what areas idle could/should scale into in terms of building new products.

Thanks :slight_smile:


We are impressed by the accomplishments of the candidates and delighted to see such interest in the Dev league!


Thanks to all the candidates, we appreciate you taking the time to make this application: @8bitporkchop, @Bytersbytes, @David, @fullstactweb555, @gggggg

Unfortunately, as there are insufficient proofs to have a clear view of the profile, the Pilot League doesn’t feel comfortable in including @David as part of the selection process. As the Pilot League needs to help and support the community during this application, a lack of the Github link (as signaled here) makes the peer-review process impossible, leading to nonadmission.

The Dev League starts as a pilot project, therefore the team can not exceed 2 full-time people. Read the Pilot League feedback before voting.

If selected candidates will cover fewer positions, an ongoing application process will be set up, letting new candidates join the League. The process will consist of an initial application bounty to test Solidity development skills, with a following Governance & League election to include the new member in the team. Further insights about this methodology will be released later.



Leagues operate as an organizational unit with a collective community, we strive to work in a transparent way and keep an open information flow available to everyone in the community.

For this reason, the committee wants to warn our community that during the review of the applications, the members of the League have noticed substantial inconsistencies between the linked Github profiles and what has been reported in the applications.

Thereby, the League is forced to warn the community on @Bytersbytes @fullstactweb555. The seniority level and, specifically, the Solidity reported level in the application doesn’t match with what the Github repository history shows.

The community and token holders are free to choose any candidate, but we would advise against voting for these profiles. Furthermore, there will be an ongoing application process so those possible candidates who did not get elected can apply for grants, develop tasks and afterwards the community together with the Leagues can decide to officially give the candidate a position in the Dev league once they have proven themself.


:writing_hand: We can now move to the next step, the community election phase .

:arrow_right: Developer Election (Snapshot Poll) : HERE

:arrow_right: Dev Supervisor Election (Snapshot Poll) : HERE

Both snapshots will last for 4 days, until 2021-05-04T14:00:00Z


:mega: Election results :mega:

Developers: @8bitporkchop (part-time), @gggggg (part-time)
Supervisor: Idle Labs

Devs Snapshot Results | SV Snapshot Results


As selected candidates cover less than 2 full-time positions, an ongoing application process will be set up, letting new candidates join the League.
In the meantime, the team will kick off League operations, set up the multisig wallet and explore hot topics that could be addressed by Idle developers :building_construction:

Looking forward to seeing this committee at work :rocket: