[JOB] Treasury League - Open Applications (M2)

The Pilot League initiative passed the Temperature Check and we now can move on to build the Committee’s team members.

The initial idea was discussed in this post, and the set parameters have been formalized and voted by the community here.

The Pilot League has been the first iteration of Idle Leagues, a self-directed, global, and increasingly decentralized organization. We then unveiled our plan for a nested subDAOs structure embodying different departments (communications, development, legal) one month later.

We are excited to take this initiative forward and implement this initial component to facilitate community governance and start to incrementally build an organizational structure for the Idle community. We are keen to see applications from our community (and any DeFi builder or founder is definitely welcomed) and collaborate with project managers and supervisors.

Treasury specs:

  • Mandate Budget: 7,500 $IDLE tokens + salaries and bonuses (between $44.4k and $128.4k in stablecoins/$ETH/$IDLE);

  • Mandate Duration: 3 months since members’ election via snapshot poll;

  • Budget Management: 3-of-5 MultiSig wallet. One key per member (Supervisors and Project Managers).

Open roles:

  • 2 full-time project managers (part-time possible)

  • 3 Supervisors

Project Manager (PM)


  • Analyze and propose grants/bounties and candidates to Supervisors or Governance, plan and publish reward distribution;

  • Carry on business development activities with integrators and partners

  • Participate in Forum discussions and engage with the community;

  • Publish periodic reports regarding Committee’s activity.

Monthly Compensation:

Role Fixed salary Bonus
Senior PM level 2 $8-9k 200 $IDLE
Senior PM level 1 $6-7k 150 $IDLE
Mid-level PM $4-5k 100 $IDLE
Junior PM $2-3k 50 $IDLE

Contributors would receive their fixed salary according to the following composition: 50% in ETH/stablecoins, 50% in unlocked $IDLE.

The $IDLE bonus would be accessible with a 3-month linear unlock only if the contributor continues to work in the next mandate.

Seniority Guidelines:

  • Senior PM level 2: 10+ years in web2 industries or 5+ in crypto, and 3+ years of working provable experience in DeFi.

  • Senior PM level 1: 7 years in web2 industries or 3 in crypto, and 1-2 years of working provable experience in DeFi.

  • Mid-level PM: 3-5 years in web2 industries or 2-3 in crypto, and up to 1 year of working provable experience in DeFi.

  • Junior PM: less than 3 years in web2 industries or less than 2 in crypto, and up to 6 months in DeFi.

In general, these guidelines help candidates to better position themselves and give Leagues’ members a starting point for shaping out the compensation plan and workflow.
Yet, experience and area of expertise have marginal importance when building complex projects from scratch, particularly in an experimental space like DeFi.

What does matter is a burning desire to learn more, constantly improve yourself, and solve tricky problems on a daily basis. We are looking for people from finance, marketing, business, and product development. However, as we took an incrementally growing structure for Idle Leagues, you can assure yourself that whatever you contribute (in terms of an engineer or otherwise) is always heard and discussed.

Selected applicants will enter a 3-week sprint phase, where they would receive the midpoint compensation for their seniority level. After this bootstrap sprint, Supervisors will define the final compensation package. In this timeframe, SVs have the right to upgrade/downgrade if it’s clear that the proposed seniority level is not matched.



  • Approve/refuse candidates proposed by the PM;

  • Provide feedback to the PM about planned initiatives;

Preferred areas of expertise:

  • Financial modeling and analysis;

  • Community engagement and marketing;

  • Product management

Monthly Compensation:

$650 + 15 $IDLE

Contributors would receive their fixed salary according to the following composition: 50% in ETH/stablecoins, 50% in unlocked $IDLE.

The $IDLE bonus would be accessible with a 3-month linear unlock only if the contributor continues to work in the next mandate.

How to apply

Reply below this post with the following information.

  • Role and Seniority levels: Choose only one role to apply for and specify related seniority level;

  • Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself and your working experience. Applicants can stay anonymous, but a portfolio of past activities is necessary to evaluate the skills of the applicant;

  • Motivation: What makes you a good profile for this position?

Deadline: Applications will be open until 2021-04-30T14:00:00Z.
The window can be extended by 7 days more to collect more applications.


Hey everybody!

My name is Denis. And I’d like to apply for the full-time PM role. Mid-level.

Here’s my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/denis-devcic/ , and my personal website: https://denisdevcic.com/

About me:

I have a master’s degree from the Faculty of Economics & Business in Croatia. With major in Management. My Master paper was “Applying Ethics in Blockchain Technology” from 2019. (link is here but it’s in Croatian: https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/233030525.pdf ). I first started dabbling in cryptocurrency back in 2017. Even though I’m fairly new to DeFi, I’ve been learning about it very intensely for a while now. Thinking of applications of growth strategies on the DeFi projects and web 3.0. I’ve also been contacting some other protocols looking to learn more and trying to grasp all the possibilities.

My experience:

5+ years of experience in marketing agencies and 1+ year freelance.

I went through being an account manager for digital products & services (and getting to know the customer), digital advertising, SEO, analytics, content marketing and conversion rate optimization. Last couple of years I’ve been working mostly on marketing strategies and forming digital teams focused on performance (mostly using Lean Startup Methodology, introducing accountability to digital teams with a role of Product Owner role etc.). I’m currently involved with some companies as a marketing consultant (most notably a headhunting agency for Product Managers/Engineers/Data Science as well as involvement with a couple of startups where I’m a marketing director). You can see my path on my LinkedIn profile.

Why me:

Right now I’ve been reducing the number of clients and transitioning towards working on startups in partnerships - as it’s more challenging and more rewarding (Selling your time <<< Product). Though I now firmly believe DeFi to be my next chapter. I know I’m still green in DeFi. But I’m stoked to learn and have been doing it for a while, and don’t plan to stop. I consider that one of my advantages: I can approach the whole role from the layman perspective but with a rich skillset and tools at my disposal. I deeply understand what the average Joe is looking for, how he thinks, what are his pain points and in what way we can help him alleviate them. I believe the most important thing is the ability to do the research right and learn efficiently. And that’s something I have a lot of experience with.

I’ve been cursed with the addiciton to learn all the time, and DeFi is my next on the menu. I think DeFi is the future. Not just mine, but for the world of finance. One of the only remaining areas which hasn’t gone through a major revolution (along with biotech for example). If you’re in DeFi, I think Idle Finance is the right camp to be in. I like the way it works, the knowledge you have, the way you are getting organized, the team and the enthusiasm of many of the people in the community.

It’s time to show the people how amazing Idle Finance really is.

Thanks for the consideration!


I’d like to apply for the full-time role of the Mid-level Project Manager.

I graduated in Banking & Finance at the FHNW University in Switzerland and while still studying I did a lot of Crypto research and got into the DeFi space 3 years ago. Also, my final thesis was dedicated to crypto, more specifically to CBDCs & Stablecoins. (Feel free to check out my research paper here)

Having worked in both Central Banking and Audit I learned a great deal and have a deep understanding of financial strategies and organizational structures.

I have around 3 years of working experience in Switzerland at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in the Banking department and 3 years of work experience at KPMG in Audit.

For more details that’s my LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/salomé-bernhart-77bbb614basel/

In conclusion, my experience as a project Manager during the Pilot league committee have greatly motivated me even more to contribute! As a highlander of the IDLE protocol I truly believe in its success and would love to shape, build and grow the protocol further :partying_face:


Hey All – I’d like to apply for the Supervisor Position. Over the last few months I’ve had the honor of serving as Pilot League Supervisor alongside the amazing PMs and other Supervisors. I’m familiar operating with this model of governance and would like to continue to support the Idle Community in a similar manner going forward.

My motivation comes from believing in the future of Idle as a Pilot League Member, LP, $IDLE token holder, and investor. I think supervising the Treasury league is where my skillset is best used.

I used to work in banking, so I’ll bring a structured finance background to the role. Currently I’m on the investment team at gCC (led the seed round), so my finger is on the pulse of all things Idle and I have a good grasp on the DeFi space as a whole. The Idle Labs team and I regularly sync on the discussions in the governance forum, health of the protocol & community, and go-forward development plans, so I understand where we are and where we can go from here with help from the community.


Hey everyone!

I’d like to apply for the full-time role of Mid-level Project Manager position.

I studied Computer Engineering, I obtained a Micromaster in Digital Product Management, and I have been involved in the Crypto space since 2014.

I had experience in managing teams, organizations, and products: I worked as Operations Manager for the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), furthermore been a member of the Board of Directors, co-founder, and Vice President of the Italian chapter, and I’ve had work experience as a Product Owner and Project Manager for companies in the Crypto and Fintech space.

:arrow_down: You can check more details on my LinkedIn profile:

My work period as a Project Manager in the Pilot League confirmed the initial motivation that convinced me to apply in January: I believe in the healthy growth of the Idle ecosystem in the DeFi space and the constant collaboration with the community, which I already saw during the last months.

I’m motivated even more than before and ready to give my best contribution to the Treasury League, to help grow the protocol and bring success to Idle :rocket:


Hello everybody,

My name is Benjamin and I would like to apply for a part-time PM Role, Mid-level.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benjamin-geyre-257a00115/
GitHub: iboxgithub · GitHub

In the traditional world…
I have a MSc in Information System Management from CESI University in France. For the last 9 years, I have been working in different sectors like Financial services, Bioinformatics or Energy data management…in the web2 world of course :slight_smile:

In the decentralized world…
I started trading on Mt.Gox in 2015, discovered DeFi last summer and will hopefully be deploying my first smart contract in May. If the experience works out, I hope being able to implement side projects with mainstream protocols like Nexus and obviously Idle!

Why me:
Having worked from startup to huge corporations in the past decade I think I can bring a good chunk of experience at different levels. I know what it means to build a startup from the ground up and I also know what it takes to manage several millions in yearly budget with 50+ people spread across several continents with different skills (design, dev, ops…).
Nevertheless, I anticipate the fact that DeFi might require something different thus the part-time request despite the fact I would love to start working full time with you guys. Like this I will be able to show my value to the community for the next 3 months.
I love being a PM, connecting dots, managing business relationships, developing them and helping teams to stay in sync.

Thanks for your consideration.


I would like to apply on behalf of Idle Labs team for the role of Supervisor, represented by myself (LinkedIn profile) and @Davide (LinkedIn profile).


Idle Labs is the team that led protocol development from the early days in July 2019 since the governance launch in November 2020.

Davide and I guided the Pilot League in getting familiar with the Idle ecosystem and helped PMs to define priorities, tasks, and long-term strategy.

Idle Leagues structure and B2B Affiliate program are some activities pointed out in our vision, with contributions in other community initiatives.


As part of the genesis team, we are motivated to support both the League and the community in exploring potential markets, reaching new milestones, and improving protocol offerings.

We’d be keen to support the committee as Supervisor and collaborate with its members to make this League succeed in reaching our goals.


Hi Everybody!

My name is Richard, and I would like to apply for the Supervisor role. Here is my LinkedIn profile


I hold a Bachelors degree in business and economics and a Masters degree in cognitive decision sciences. I have 10+ years of experience in the fintech and banking industry working for Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, etc., mainly in a Project Management and Product Management capacity.

I have worked with Senior Executives establishing product roadmaps and business priorities; I have also led user research initiatives to develop user needs and personas. I enjoy working with software engineers delivering the highest value items (considering effort also). In terms of software development, I have experience in Agile methodologies (Scrum and Kanban).


I’ve been following crypto and blockchain technology since 2017 and most recently DeFi. Having a background in “TradFi”, I am compelled by the DeFi world and its productivity to digital assets. I would love to play more of an active role in building out the revolution.

I love the IDLE project and what it can bring to DeFi as mainstream adoption increases - both retail and institutional. Having worked in a debt issuing institution, I am acutely aware of the institutional appetite for higher-yielding products in more “exotic” and alternative asset classes.

I have been active in the governance forum. I would love to support more officially and closer to the team to deliver on the roadmap and build out the Idle vision.

Thank you for the consideration.


Hello everyone,

My name is George and I want to apply for the full-time role of Supervisor Position.

About me:

I’ve been a stalking crypto user and enthusiast since 2013 when I managed to have some BTC lost in MtGox after the closure, other involvements were in the dogecoin community where I rode the ATH wave to lose some of my funds due to inexperience. I’ve ended the journey right after I decided that I need to grow up, finish my education, completed my MBA in Philosophy and started a family. The about me section from my C.V. is clear:

“Father of three looking for a career change. After seven years of studying philosophy, I can say that I have gained the existential perspective I was looking for. Pursuing a field in the realm of humanities followed as a natural step, for me, after the technical-oriented background of my high school years. Currently, however, I strive to become a practical and efficient individual. I’m currently developing my technical skills, to complement the instruments that philosophy gave me.”

My experience:

Freethinker and freelancer most of the time. Experimenting the world in extreme ways (currently a factory worker producing car parts) to get in touch with different mindsets and to explore and to understand all types of people and personalities I can meet, from philosophy scholars to businessmen who spend their time to teach students capitalism to ordinary hardworking factory men and woman that helped me understand and teach me what grit is. Some relevant experience is 6 months in a project manager role in an international translation agency.


I don’t sleep anymore. It is fine, I have 3 little kids that charge me up so I don’t have to. Working in 3 shifts for a half a year also changes the way I understand sleep. So stumbling at 4 AM with 36 tabs open onto Idle farming and while the rabbit hole found this possibility to be part of something great, I said that this is the door that has been opened for me to go into another extreme and change my life 180, because WHY NOT? I thank you for this possibility.

My main motivation is that I can work from home, do what I LOVE (crypto), use my skills (project management, marketing, critical thinking, capacity to see from above, humble and adaptable to change very quickly), I can put my energy and soul into a project that will deliver value, ability to get all my loved ones and friends involved, develop myself and become a specialist in DeFi so I can help others make better decisions regarding finances, should I continue? Motivates me to balance my life securing an income for the family, confirms that God exists, make my life so much better :smiley:

On a more formal note, I would be happy if we could take this to the next level. Reach me out here https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgebuteanu/ or send an email george.buteanu@gmail.com

Thank you for your time!


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Hi 12bit

Thanks for your application. In order to be able to consider the application can you provide us with some more information about your background (LinkedIn or any other references). As the application window is officially closed already please provide further information latest EOD.

Many thanks.

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Hi 12bit,

Thanks for joining Idle… I am always super excited when you have new talented ppl contributing.

How can the Idle community verify the info you provide in your application?
We all vote, so DYOR is necessary.


Hi unicorn,

I’m very sensitive about sharing my personal data, so I edited my post above to reflect this. Unfortunately I can’t think of a way to prove what I wrote without forfeiting my identity and I understand this complicates DYOR. This being said, I don’t have an incentive to write lies, maybe get voted in, and then not be able to deliver.

Replying to myself with a possible solution - it’s not perfect, but I believe it’s an improvement. Hope this shows how I’m always in problem solving mode. :wink:

I’m not open to sharing my identity publicly, but I don’t mind sharing it privately with the team. I sent Salomé my LinkedIn as soon as she replied to my message. In 2 minutes a trusted member of the team can verify and vouch that what a candidate wrote is true. It’s not quite DYOR, but at least it’s a basic validation, because you trust the team (and if they can’t be trusted then there are deeper issues).

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Congrats to @DenisDevcic @Salome @ETM612 @iboxidle @Teo @RTP2016 @George @12bit for their application post, we are glad that many people expressed interest in Idle protocol and in this initiative.

Unfortunately, as there are insufficient public proofs to have a clear view of the profile, @12bit application can not be considered valid.

As reported in the application post, anonymous candidates can apply; this is a core value in crypto, we respect that and this approach is even encouraged. At the same time, the community (represented by token holders - the final voters of these polls) should be able to independently verify the accuracy of the statements (another core value of crypto space - “don’t trust, verify”).

Candidates that would like to stay anonymous should demonstrate their skills in the field, interacting with the community, proposing ideas, and structured analysis.

Thanks to a social reputation built with provable contributions, those members can be eligible for anonymous applications.

@12bit, your profile is very interesting and the Idle protocol would surely benefit from your experience. It would be great if you stick with the forum, and some brainstorming with us and proposing ideas that could be funded by the League via grants – Leagues architecture is here to grow, and working groups can be set up for different topics.

Voting methodology:

Started as the Pilot League, the Treasury League is the natural evolution of that committee. In these months we had the chance to kick off operations, set up boundaries and understand the dynamics.

We are now entering the expansion phase of this League. For this reason, the most voted PMs that will fulfill 2 full-time positions will officially get selected for the Treasury League. The number of PMs can be rounded up if a part-time candidate is voted in top2. In this case, the League would have 1.5 full-time members, and the 3° most voted person can join the group to reach 2 or 2.5 full-time profiles.

:writing_hand: We can now move to the next step, the community election phase.

:arrow_right: Project Manager Election (Snapshot Poll): HERE

:arrow_right: Supervisor Election (Snapshot Poll): HERE

Both snapshots will last for 4 days, until 2021-05-04T14:00:00Z


Snapshots are over!

@Salome and @emixprime have been confirmed as full-time League PMs, and together with Idle Labs, @ETM612, and @RTP2016 (elected as Supervisors) will represent the Treasury League team.

@DenisDevcic, @iboxidle, @George, and @12bit thanks so much for applying. We hope to see you involved in other community initiatives like grants and forum discussions!

PMs Snapshot Results | SVs Snapshot Results

Now focus on the next steps, with new member onboarding and operations’ setup. Thanks to the work of the previous Pilot League, the process should be quite smooth.
In the following days, we expect to see the League taking care of past initiatives and discussing with the community on new priorities :fire:


Thank you @Davide - I am super excited to join the team and help support the next initiatives! :pray:

This community has some really great people and I hope to help deliver value in any way I can! :rocket: