[JOB] Treasury League - Open Applications (M3)


This proposal opens up the application window to new members for the next Treasury League during Mandate #3.

Treasury League specs:

  • Mandate Duration: 3 months since members’ election via snapshot poll;
  • Budget Management: N-of-M MultiSig wallet (depending on final Leagues members after applications). One key per member (Advisors and Contributors).

:briefcase: Immediately available roles:

  • 1 full-time Contributor for finance and accounting and business development


  • 1 part-time Contributor for finance and accounting
  • 1 part-time Contributor for business development

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Business development: integrations and partner relationships;

  • Leagues’ finance and accounting: budgeting and financial forecasting, reporting and analysis, payments and salaries

Monthly Compensation:

Role Fixed salary Bonus
Senior-level 2 $8-9k 300 $IDLE
Senior-level 1 $6-7k 225 $IDLE
Mid-level $4-5k 150 $IDLE
Junior $2-3k 100 $IDLE

The compensations listed here are calculated as Full-time compensations, consider calculating them depending on the available role (e.g. if the available role is part-time, consider half of the compensation).

Contributors would receive their fixed salary according to the following composition: 50% in ETH/stablecoins, 50% in unlocked $IDLE.

The $IDLE bonus would be accessible with a 3-month Opyn Vesting Option with strike price = 20% * current price at the time of issuance (in other words, 80% discount of the market price at the time of issuance). The option will be vested for 3 months, and after which contributors will have 3 additional months for the exercise. The option will be issued at the end of the next mandate, after community’s positive vote for team reconfirmation.

Seniority Guidelines:

  • Senior level 2: 10+ years in web2 industries or 10+ years in TradFi or 5+ in crypto, and 3+ years of working provable experience in DeFi.
  • Senior level 1: 7 years in web2 industries or 7 years in TradFi or 3 in crypto, and 1-2 years of working provable experience in DeFi.
  • Mid-level: 3-5 years in web2 industries or 3-5 years in TradFi or 2-3 in crypto, and up to 1 year of working provable experience in DeFi.
  • Junior: less than 3 years in web2 industries or TradFi or less than 2 in crypto, and up to 6 months in DeFi.

In general, these guidelines help candidates to better position themselves and give Leagues’ members a starting point for shaping out the compensation plan and workflow.

Yet, experience and area of expertise have marginal importance when building complex projects from scratch, particularly in an experimental space like DeFi.

What does matter is a burning desire to learn more, constantly improve yourself, and solve tricky problems on a daily basis. However, as we took an incrementally growing structure for Idle Leagues, you can assure yourself that whatever you contribute (in terms of an engineer or otherwise) is always heard and discussed.

Selected applicants will enter a 2-week sprint phase, where they would receive the midpoint compensation for their seniority level. After this bootstrap sprint, current Leagues members will define the final compensation package. In this timeframe, current Leagues members have the right to upgrade/downgrade if it’s clear that the proposed seniority level is not matched.

:mailbox_with_mail: Open applications

Although we are looking for someone to cover a specific role currently available for this League, we encourage anyone interested in working with Idle Leagues to submit a spontaneous application, even if they don’t see their preferred role or position in the post.

We appreciate anyone interested in working in the Idle ecosystem: current Leagues members will review all applications received to evaluate them with the community.

Open applications - Areas of Responsibility:

  • Ecosystem development (community grants, hackathons, education, research)

  • Token economy (Tokenomics and token use cases, CEX and DEX)

  • DAO architecture and facilitation (Leagues relationships, structure, improvements)

:shield: Advisors


  • Serve as a sounding board off of which Leagues members can bounce new ideas
  • Intervene in conflicts between Leagues members when necessary
  • Be knowledgeable of policies that may impact the organization’s decisions, programs, etc.
  • Provide continuity and stability as Leagues structure and responsibilities changes
  • Provide an outside view or perspective
  • Provide Leagues with DeFi and community connections

Preferred areas of expertise:

  • Business development (integrations and partner relationships)

  • Ecosystem development (community grants, hackathons, education)

  • Leagues finance and accounting (budgeting, reporting, payments, salaries)

  • Token economy (Tokenomics and token use cases, CEX and DEX)

  • DAO architecture and facilitation (Leagues relationships, structure, improvements)

Advisors - Monthly Compensation:

$650 + 25 $IDLE

Contributors would receive their fixed salary according to the following composition: 50% in ETH/stablecoins, 50% in unlocked $IDLE.

The $IDLE bonus would be accessible with a 3-month Opyn Vesting Option with strike price = 20% * current price at the time of issuance (in other words, 80% discount of the market price at the time of issuance). The option will be vested for 3 months, and after which contributors will have 3 additional months for the exercise. The option will be issued at the end of the next mandate, after community’s positive vote for team reconfirmation.

:inbox_tray: How to apply

Reply below this post with the following information.

  • Role and Seniority levels: Choose only one role to apply for and specify related seniority level;
  • Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself and your working experience. Applicants can stay anonymous, but a portfolio of past activities is necessary to evaluate the skills of the applicant;
  • Areas of responsibility: Highlight what areas you are interested to work on (required: you must select at least two areas of responsibility);
  • Motivation: What makes you a good profile for this position?

:alarm_clock: Deadline: Applications will be open until 2021-08-17T13:00:00Z .

The window can be extended by 7 days more to collect more applications if needed.


Role and Seniority Levels: I would like to apply for the finance/accounting role at the Junior level.

Introduction: I attended Boston University with a major in Business and International Economics. Currently, I am a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch and have been engaging within the crypto ecosystem over the past few years. I have also worked in financial analyst and development roles. Overall, I have a diverse skill set.

I believe both my background and experience would make me an excellent candidate. From analyzing financial reports and systems and spearheading complex financial programs to developing strategies to optimize workflows, my background has prepared me to excel. I also have ample experience in the crypto markets, working daily with centralized and decentralized platforms. I have implemented complex strategies within these decentralized applications, which includes lending, liquidity providing, yield aggregating, and collateralizing assets. Overall, I am highly motivated individual who is fluent in crypto and has a history of contributing to the growth of businesses. With proven success in managing projects, developing financial metrics, and forecasting budgets I will thrive in this role.

On a personal level, I am detail-oriented, organized, and precise in my work with a knack for clear and illuminating presentation. Building strong client relationships for publicly held companies and global, multimillion-dollar operations has allowed me to develop strong leadership and team-building skills.

Areas of responsibility: analysis, reporting, forecasting, strategizing, payments

Motivation: I am looking to contribute and take my skill set to the DeFi space. I enjoy watching the community grow so fast and I have so much conviction for the future of the ecosystem. Overall, I am very entrepreneurial and am looking for a role where I can have that autonomy over my work. I would be extremely motivated to work for Idle because analyzing the finance/accounting side of a high growth company and ecosystem is exciting.


Hi, nice to meet you stranger.

Super excited to see new talented young blood interested in crypto.

You know how to use metamask?
Can you backup your Trezor and your Ledger?

Have I seen you on the IDLE DAO Cafe TG

Discord Idle
before this post?

Do you use the protocol?
What’s your vision for IDLE moving forward?

Loved the tradfi sales pitch now let’s get a proper DeFi intro so that the rest of the community can vote for you.



I currently use metamask as my wallet on Ethereum and am able to backup my ledger. Also, I am an active discord and telegram user. Currently, I am in IDLE’s discord along with many other protocols. I haven’t yet used IDLE, but I use many other protocols across Ethereum and Solana. I am looking to integrate IDLE into some of my strategies.

Cross Chain integration:
In terms of growth and the future of IDLE, I see a lot of opportunity. Currently, IDLE is detecting the interest rate changes on different lending protocols, which integrates single chain arbitrage. Cross chain arbitrage would be an interesting play and competitive way to grow. Cross chain arbitrage paired with single chain arbitrage would allow Idle to dominate the market with providing users the best returns. Additionally, launching on different chains would be beneficial for the growth of IDLE.

New trading strategies:
IDLE can integrate option trading strategies like Ribbon Finance because it’s a diversified way to get yield when token prices aren’t necessarily appreciating, but volatility is sill high.

It would be beneficial for IDLE holders to be able to use their IDLE token as collateral.

More B2B partnerships. This also ties into the collateral aspect. For example Aave or Compound can accept IDLE as a collateral option.

Incentives around governance token: Fees generated from the platform can get returned to IDLE holders. This would improve utility of the token.


:spiral_calendar: DEADLINE EXTENDED :loudspeaker:

Since we’ve seen a lot of interest in applying to the Leagues positions for the next mandate, and since we require more time to evaluate applicants’ experience (so as to give our final feedback to the community), the deadline for applications is extended for 7 days :arrow_heading_down:

:alarm_clock: The new deadline is Tuesday 2021-08-24T13:00:00Z


Also would like to add that I am applying for business development as well and am looking to work part time for both roles. I am not able to edit my post above.

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Hi all,

I’d like to apply to become an Advisor, and have included the relevant information below to help everyone review my application. Please also ask any questions you have, or if you have any thoughts as to how I could add more value to the Idle community I’d absolutely love to hear them!
Thomas Rush

Role: Advisor


I’ve worked for 13 years to democratize access to the levers of the economy that create prosperity for individuals and communities. Early in my career I founded an economic development initiative to attract environmentally-sustainable industries to New Orleans post-Katrina, and then co-founded a 10,000 square foot co-working space + business incubator focused on social impact organizations.

After realizing the scope of my own impact was limited by geography, I moved to NYC and shifted more heavily into startups and tech + blockchain. I’ve been in crypto for five years now, working full-time at ConsenSys/Mesh for four years where I am currently a Partner – leading the management of our token portfolio and serving as the portfolio manager for 17 equity positions.

In addition to my role at Mesh, I’m an avid DeFi user, a Boule in AladdinDAO, a member in NeptuneDAO, an advisor on the token design of several high-profile projects, a board member and advisor for various accelerators and startups, and am a Venture Partner at a top-tier web3 venture fund (public announcement coming soon).

Areas of responsibility : I believe my skillset would fit well advising in both the areas of Token economy and DAO architecture and facilitation.

Motivation : My primary motivation for applying to this position is, in my opinion, extremely simple: I believe that in the long-term, defi and web3 protocols will make humanity dramatically more prosperous, equitable, and human-centered. I’d like to spend my time focusing on technologies and organizations that will drive our collective progress towards that end, and I believe the working at the intersection of DeFi and DAOs is the ideal nexus where I personally, and we as a community, will be able to make a dent in the universe.


Role and Seniority levels: Advisor

Introduction: Having always been interested in finance and economics I was wary of joining the financial industry after the crisis, being turned off by the extractive and zero-sum nature of the system (e.g. privatized gains, socialized losses). While searching for a topic for my MSc. thesis in business school I was looking for something in Fintech that goes beyond fancy apps and front-ends that could actually change the structure of the financial system in order to serve the people and economy better and discovered Ethereum in ´15. First looking at crowdfunding as the most interesting use-case I expanded to looking at DAOs from an organizational prespective, while grappling with the question how an autonomous entity would actually be governed by people (or not). Back then I looked at the DAO and the Ethereum hard-fork, scratching the surface of the topic of DAO governance, but the space kept fascinating me ever since.

I have been part of Berlin based crypto VC Greenfield One since day 1 as head of research and investment manager, where we have built a portfolio of around 20 projects, with a strong focus on the DeFi space. My research has focused to a large extent on DAO governance (see state of blockchain governance) but also token economics/valuation, while I think the topics overlap in many cases (see e.g. article on long-term alignment).

Having been an investor in Idle with GF1 and user of the protocol, I have specifically championed the concept of distributing rewards and governance power based on the time of token-lock in order to create better long-term alignment, besides generally providing feedback when appropriate in conversations.

As an individual I have been an active user/LP in many DeFi protocols since the early days of Ethlend and uniswap and have been an early member and investor in Nexus Mutual among others.

Areas of responsibility: I’m particularly interested and experienced in DAO architecture and facilitation, ecosystem development as well as token economy and I think the areas overlap to a certain extent.

Motivation: I really like the quote from Peter Drucker as a guiding question: “How can we make society both more productive and humane?” I think blockchains are an institutional and governance technology that can make the way we as a society organize ourselves and collaborate more efficient and resilient, while being a strong force for democratizing access to anyone with an internet connection. Idle is an important piece in the puzzle for providing the best place to keep idle funds that is accessible to all, while we have the chance to build a DAO that can attract the best talent on the internet.


Happy to answer any questions and also get feedback on how to add more value!


Dear Idle community,

below you can find my application as a full-time contributor.
Let me know if you need further background information on my profile.


Role and Seniority levels: Contributor for Ecosystem development and Finance (mid-level, full-time).

Introduction: I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and a master’s degree in Banking and Finance from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan. I worked for three years in academia as a research and teaching assistant.

I am using Idle protocol since its inception and think that Idle has the potential to be one key player in the DeFi market, therefore I would like to contribute to Idle growth by structuring and managing its research lab. This lab could be a stepping stone for future Idle development.

Currently, I am working in the Finance department of Citi. This work experience could let me contribute as well to the finance and accounting activities of Idle.

Areas of responsibility: I would like to work on the Ecosystem development (community grants, hackathons, education, research) and in the Finance and accounting league. Some activities can include:

These projects could definitely benefit from the different knowledge of the Idle League contributors stimulating an open dialogue within leagues members.

Motivation: I am a research enthusiast eager to educate people on what DeFi is and its innovative power. I have significant experience in research and I have tutored students on course projects and thesis writing. I am a good time manager able to work smoothly in a team as well as on my own. I can code in R and I am used to work with Excel and Power BI.

I would like to join Idle because I think it could let me work in a stimulating environment, where I can contribute to the growth of the platform from multiple perspectives. Personally, the possibility to work using different sets of skills, covering research as well as finance-related argument, is truly fascinating.




I include my application here I want to apply as a contributor or advisor 4 years experience in crypto and finance, has been in sologenic, payaccept, hackenai, crypto.com exchange very happy to be a part of idle additional skills event banner design gift making

Hi, can you please pick a specific role and its related areas of responsibility? (take a look at the applications before yours as example) :slightly_smiling_face:

Please include also your LinkedIn profile, it would help the community to understand better the candidate’s experience :raised_hands:


1 Part-time contributor to finance and accounting 1 Part-time contributor to business development

View jhon abay’s profile on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jhon-abay-6163421b6

apply 1 Full-time contributor to finance and accounting 1 Full-time contributor to business development

high spirits join idle, 4 years in crypto knowledge, market strategy, tokens,

english 85℅
100% malaysian

crypto project trail sologenic payaccept Haickenai crypto com exchange

View jhon abay’s profile on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jhon-abay-6163421b6

Pada tanggal Sel, 24 Agu 2021 04.04, Abay Kapuas <abay7749@gmail.com> menulis:

:loudspeaker: APPLICATIONS PERIOD IS OVER :loudspeaker:

Thanks to all the candidates for their applications, we are glad to see so many people interested in joining Idle Leagues! :grinning:

The application period is over: current Leagues’ members will take 24 hours to internally align on the various candidates’ evaluations and then share final feedback to the Idle community :hourglass:

Please note that all compensations written in the tables are calculated for full-time positions (so part-time roles and applications would be the half).



The current Treasury League team reviewed the applications and would like to provide feedback on candidates and their profiles to help and give more information to the community for the voting process.

Contributor candidates:

  • @kayleebushell (Business development, finance & accounting, Part-time, Junior level) → The profile is well-aligned with the proposed level. League members engaged with the candidate, resulting in positive feedback.

  • @Biaf (Ecosystem development, finance & accounting, Full-time, Mid level) → The profile is well-aligned with the proposed level. League members engaged with the candidate, resulting in positive feedback.

The Leagues are, alas, obliged to exclude @Abayc from the polls as the profile does not match with reported info, and the application lacks consistency.

Advisor candidates:

  • @thomas (Advisor for Token economy and DAO architecture and facilitation) → The profile is well-aligned with the proposed level. League members are connected with him for a long time, resulting in positive feedback.

  • @Felix (Advisor for Token economy, DAO architecture and facilitation, and Ecosystem Development) → The profile is well-aligned with the proposed level. League members are connected with him for a long time, resulting in positive feedback.


Leagues Election Polls

:writing_hand: We can now move to the next step, the election phase:

:arrow_right: New Contributors Treasury League election (Idle Holders): HERE
:arrow_right: New Contributors Treasury League election (Idle Stakers): HERE

:arrow_right: New Advisors Treasury League election (Idle Holders): HERE
:arrow_right: New Advisors Treasury League election (Idle Stakers): HERE

:alarm_clock: All the snapshots will last 3 days, until 2021-08-29T23:00:00Z


can i send the information again?

Pada tanggal Jum, 27 Agu 2021 06.58, emixprime via Idle <idle@discoursemail.com> menulis:

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The voting phase is over! :end:

Final $IDLE voting weights were calculated using the approved calculator.

These are the election’s results: congratulations to @Biaf (elected as Full-time contributor for Ecosystem development + Finance & accounting areas) and to @thomas and @Felix (elected as Advisors) :fireworks:

The next steps are members onboarding and operations setup.

Idle Leagues Mandate #3 officially began today: ready to push Idle and bring it to the stars :sparkles: :rocket:



This is an update about the 2-week sprint phase for new members of the Treasury League:

All the new members @Biaf and @kayleebushell (see this post for her election) showed a correct fit for the position they have applied for.

Both worked steadily between a re-factoring of accounting processes and treasury management, along with the partner relations aspect of the business development area.

Thus, from us, it is officially a green light to continue working with the League :partying_face: