[JOB] Treasury League - Open Applications (M4)


This proposal officially opens up the application window to new members for the next Treasury League Mandate (M4).

Treasury League specs:

  • Mandate Duration: 3 months since the closure of elections’ snapshot poll;
  • Budget Management: N-of-M MultiSig wallet (depending on final Leagues members after applications). One key per member (Advisors and Contributors).

:briefcase: Immediately available roles:

  • 1 full-time (or 2 part-time) Contributor for Business Development
  • 1 full-time (or 2 part-time) Contributor for Tokenomics
  • 1 part-time Contributor for Finance

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Business Development – This position will be related to strategic business development and B2B partnerships management for the Idle protocol: you will be responsible for maintenance and development of key integration partner relationships, including day-to-day communication of all products we are responsible for distribution. You will need the ability to be fluent and navigate these products effectively among a broad range of partners (DeFi protocols, dApps and wallets, DAOs, institutional clients, and fintech applications) along with idea generation and market insight. In addition, you will bring a collaborative approach working with our B2B partners in both yield generation, research, and syndicate to provide comprehensive partner coverage across the protocol.

  • Tokenomics – This position will be related to quantitative and token-based analysis to maximize and expand the current and future use cases of the $IDLE token: you will be involved in core research ranging from analysis of market data, building quantitative models to compare possible use-cases, and gaining an in-depth understanding of $IDLE tokenomics. You will engage with other market participants through written research notes and macro pieces, and handle decentralized and centralized markets’ relationships.

  • Finance – This position will be related to data science with the aim to support Leagues and DAO’s financial analysis: you will perform analysis on our core and peripheral smart contracts, as well as on structured and unstructured data in various formats and from various sources (as per now, Ethereum and Polygon), such as articles, reports, conversations (written or spoken), and through platforms like Dune Analytics and The Graph (SQL and GraphQL, Python would be a plus). A structured understanding of how blockchain networks work is required.

:heavy_dollar_sign: Monthly Compensation and Seniority levels are listed here.

In general, these guidelines help candidates to better position themselves and give Leagues’ members a starting point for shaping out the compensation plan and workflow.

Yet, experience and area of expertise have marginal importance when building complex projects from scratch, particularly in an experimental space like DeFi.

What does matter is a burning desire to learn more, constantly improve yourself, and solve tricky problems on a daily basis. However, as we took an incrementally growing structure for Idle Leagues, you can assure yourself that whatever you contribute (in terms of an engineer or otherwise) is always heard and discussed.

First Work Period Assessment

Selected applicants will enter a 2-week sprint phase, where they would receive the midpoint compensation for their seniority level. After this bootstrap sprint, current Leagues members will discuss the final seniority level that will be held for the mandate.

:shield: Advisors


  • Serve as a sounding board off of which Leagues members can bounce new ideas
  • Intervene in conflicts between Leagues members when necessary
  • Be knowledgeable of policies that may impact the organization’s decisions, programs, etc.
  • Provide continuity and stability as Leagues structure and responsibilities changes
  • Provide an outside view or perspective
  • Provide Leagues with DeFi and community connections

Preferred areas of expertise:

  • Business development (integrations and partner relationships)
  • Ecosystem development (community grants, hackathons, education)
  • Leagues finance and accounting (budgeting, reporting, payments, salaries)
  • Token economy (Tokenomics and token use cases, CEX and DEX)
  • DAO architecture and facilitation (Leagues relationships, structure, improvements)
  • Finance (Treasury management, financial reporting, and analysis)

:heavy_dollar_sign: Monthly Compensation and Seniority levels are listed here.

:inbox_tray: How to apply

Reply below this post with the following information.

  • Role and Seniority levels: Choose only one role to apply for and specify related seniority level;
  • Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself and your working experience. Applicants can stay anonymous, but a portfolio of past activities is needed to evaluate the skills of the applicant;
  • Areas of responsibility: Highlight what areas you are interested to work on (required: you must select at least two areas of responsibility);
  • Motivation: What makes you a good profile for this position?

:alarm_clock: Deadline: Applications will be open until 2021-12-02T22:00:00Z.

The window can be extended by 7 days more to collect more applications if needed.

After the closure of the application window, applicants will need to complete a task related to their areas of expertise (such as $IDLE token analysis or DAO improvements opinion) before the community can express the final judgment.

:phone: Talk with us
All applicants are invited to reserve a spot during the Idle DAO office-hours (Tuesday and Thursday, 2PM CET - 6PM CET) to have a chat and get better acquainted with current Leagues members before the application window will end.

Reserve your spot here.


Role- Contributor for Tokenomics (Junior) [FULL TIME]

Introduction - I am currently work in a MNC where i handle backend for a telecom company using oracle. i am a hard working individual who has a passion in finance. Tho i am not working in that domain but i spend most of my time learning everything there is in finance . i am a part time trader where i develop strategies using which i can grow my portfolio even more . crypto, for me started as a hobby but i want to make it my livelihood .
Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/malhotraraghav15/

Areas of responsibility - Token economy, Business development and Ecosystem development

Motivation - with the help of past experience in product management and being a hard working person who loves to learn and apply those learning , I think I would be good asset to have.


I would like to remain active in the DAO in the role of advisor for B2B Development & the coming legal structure set up and I am asking the Idle DAO to vote for my election.

The reason for this decision is that I realize that there is so much stuff on my side in the pipeline and I would like to continue to follow without any delays, while at the same time helping onboarding new League members in the new mandate.

As an advisor, my working hours will be reduced compared to my previous mandate where I have been working part-time. It’s Xmas time and time to reflect on the past year. Crypto has been good to lots of us, therefore, if elected, I would like to donate my compensation as an advisor, to charity programs.
I would like to donate my 3 compensation to different projects, the first one being Donate to EspacoVoa | Giveth.
Happy to get community feedback about what other projects you guys would like to see donations for.
I will also try to get $IDLE listed on platforms like Giveth.io and enable a new use case for $IDLE :wink:

Happy Xmas time everyone! :christmas_tree: :santa:


I am looking for a job.
I applied on angel.co and founder requests this position.

Contributor for Business Development - Junior (part-time)
Process engineer background with skills in complex systems simulation modeling. I work as technology consultant at EY and I am part of Blockchain team for financial services industry. I am also a business developer at UAO!, a B2B start-up operating in corporate well-being; here, I analyze business segments, explore new business opportunities and strategic partnerships.
Junior Enterprise Global Network alumnus
LinkedIn → here
Areas of responsibility:
Business development, Token economy, DAO architecture.
I am fascinated by the innovative model that DAOs bring to the table; having experience in process engineering, I think I can help the community not only in B2B development but also in studying and proposing improvements for Tokenomics and the DAO architecture.

MrPink :slight_smile:


Contributor for Business Development L2
I am a business developer with over 10 years of experience in mechanical and automotive environment. I have analysed different business and made mergers and partnerships.
Area of responsibility
Business Development
I am interested in the whole activity and I can contribute due to my experience I have had till now.


Please @raghav1997 @MrPink @NancyN modify your posts by adding your availability.

As described above in the “how to apply section”, you must write in your application post what would be your availability (if full-time or part-time).

Also @gg658 please follow the guidelines explained in the “how to apply” section and modify your post in order to make it an official application.

Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m sorry @emixprime

Thanks :smiley:


Role and Seniority level: part-time Contributor for Finance, Junior.

Intro: I’m from South America and I’m 28 years old. I’ve been working for the past year in the biggest local fintech and payments company (issuer and merchant acquiring) as a settlement and reconciliation analyst. Before that I worked for almost 6 years in Operations of a bank as a data entry and then as a clearing analyst. Previously I worked a year and a half as a customer service specialist in another bank.

10 years ago, I went to a public university and studied economics for 2 years (dropout), and last year I went to a private uni to start studying finance. Last July I decided to take a gap year so that I could focus on crypto. I started reading, listening to podcasts, etc in March. Currently studying to become a Dune wizard.

Disclaimer: Spanish is my native language, and my English is super rusty. However, I believe practice makes perfect.

Areas of responsibility: 1) Tokenomics, 2) Finance, 3) BD.

Motivation: I think my knowledge about economics, finance, blockchain in general and the basics I already know about sql and py can be valuable to get key insights. To be honest, I feel like I can also add some value if I could also contribute to the finance aspects (I feel that in some points both roles may be intertwined). I feel comfortable potentially wearing many hats and, the more I learn, the more I can contribute.



Hi folks,
I am a techie who spent a lot of time in financial services - mostly in equities and fixed income trading areas. More recently, I added data science to my tech skills. To date, I have mostly worked with IOT.
I am also interested in blockchain and I did get a chance to look at Consensys/Codefi as part of a short evaluation for a potential startup.
Currently, I am researching graph and platforms like inlinks.net and Nebula Graph - the second being opensource.

Given, my background and interests, the finance position is the most appropriate, however I might also be able to help with tokenomics as well.

I am focused on activities that leverage technology to achieve social good. Crypto is the game changer that opens up financial service to the general public - a good thing! Additionally, this role would allow me the opportunity to dig deeper on some interesting technologies.

I am flexible for part time or full time depending on requirements. I would describe myself as a senior technologist, mid level data scientist.

ROLE: Business Development / L2 (part-time)

INTRO: I’ve got a background in VC & Corporate development working towards collaborative business building for the past 15 years. Amongst others, I led the IoT EU Platforms initiative, a joint development effort involving 120 corporates & startups across Europe. Blockchain came into my life in 2017 when piloting a decentralised data exchange protocol in the area of Supply Chain, involving major players in logistics, insurance & trade finance. Since then, I have been increasingly active in DAOs and finally became a full-time DAOist when moving to Lisbon this summer.
More info regarding my professional background can be found via my Linkedin profile.

AREAS: I’d like to contribute to smooth communication with new and existing partners, improving the underlying process along the way. Further, I’m interested in transferring the resulting knowledge into ideation and product improvements. Market analysis and validation with appropriate metrics are part of my toolbox. Also, the provision of community grants is vital in this context.

MOTIVATION: As yield generation in DeFi becomes a key value driver for every individual and organization that owns and manages assets, there is a high need for an actor like IDLE. First, access to promising solutions is made available to a wider audience (compelling UX). Second, IDLE takes responsibility for their own economically fair and sustainable organizational development. This is an essential condition for the effective onboarding of users, partners and talents in the long term.

With my background in (greenfield) multi-stakeholder collaboration, as well as my analytical mindset stemming from VC due diligence & strategy consulting, I am well equipped for the envisioned BizDev role. My values regarding organizational development round off my profile.


Contributor for Business Development

Contributor for Finance

Role- Contributor for Finance (Part-time), Junior

Introduction- After graduating in finance I started my career working in the asset management industry where I was Analyzing and profiling new investment opportunities for financial advisors leads, and extracted and manipulated financial data for management to enhance data-driven decisions (now looking to enroll in a Business Analytics MBA, currently pursuing online courses in SQL)

Areas of responsibility- Finance, Token economy

Motivation- I am confident that I can help the internal team support business decisions, contributing to the elaboration of financial analysis with the aim of communicating value-added ideas based on my own opinions and the DAO’s to grow by leveraging my strong interpersonal, analytical and leadership skills navigating where my interests and passions converge right now: The Crypto Ecosystem

Please @gil modify your posts by adding your availability (full-time or part-time)
and write your seniority level and be clear on what role you are applying for.

@Molinariv your seniority is still missing, please modify your application and add it.

@ramya.rammzz your comment won’t be counted as an application, please modify it following the guidelines.

Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Role: part-time Contributor for Finance, Junior
Introduction: I am a final year PhD candidate in machine learning. Having been involved in data science projects, particularly on Geometric Deep Learning, where the data has non-Euclidean underlying structure, e.g. graphs, I am interested in offering innovative data-driven solutions, and operation optimization strategies.
Areas of Responsibility: Finance, data analyst, financial analyst
Motivation: Having had the experience as a project manager, data scientist, and machine learning engineer has helped me to be able to better understand and analyze the market. This market is the future and I want to be on this path and use my expertise to excel in this domain.

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Role and Seniority levels:

  • Contributor for Business Development (Junior, Full Time)


I’ve 2+ years of professional experience working directly with Blockchain technology in the Fintech industry. In my most recent experience, I’ve worked as a Project Manager for eToroX Labs, the Blockchain office of the eToro Group and acted on multiple projects ranging from major tech releases to creating DeFi POC or integrations with major industry players in the DeFi space. Prior to that, I’ve handled Project Management and Product Development tasks for the Blockchain/Crypto startup Paiblock.

I started working on Blockchain in 2016 during my Master of Science in Business Administration & Information Systems at Copenhagen Business School. Besides studying cutting-edge technologies (Blockchain, AI, ML), at CBS, I’ve developed an extremely solid knowledge base about Business and got the maximum grade for my final dissertation about Blockchain.

Here you can check my Linkedin profile: Elia

Areas of responsibility:

  • Business Development
  • Tokenomics


First of all, I believe Idle has a great product. Given the rising interest from businesses and institutions on yields generated by DeFi and the industry’s growing complexity, the idle use case is becoming increasingly compelling and can become an industry staple moving forward.

Then, I am a big supporter of the DAO as an organizational structure. I’ve personally followed the development of the DAO space since “the DAO hack”, and I am convinced most businesses will adopt this structure in the future. Therefore, to me, this will be an opportunity to learn as much as possible and use this knowledge to become an educated DAO member able to contribute to the DAO space positively.

Finally, with my driving passion for this technology, professional experience and technical understanding, I know I have the tools to face any challenge and conversation as a contributor for Business Development.


Role: Contributor for Finance; Junior [Part Time]

Introduction: I am a data scientist with a strong background in computer science, analytical tools, and machine learning techniques. I have a background in applied mathematics and statistics. I’ve always gravitated towards the tech space and the power of data really fascinates me. My project work involves data visualization, recommender systems, natural language processing, and image recognition.
Please check out my Linkedin and Github for reference
Areas of Responsibility: Finance, Token economy, BD

Motivation: I believe I am a qualified candidate because I am an effective critical thinker, fast-paced perfectionist, and curious intellectual. I am a self-starter and problem solver who believes in the idea of lifelong learning. Although I am early in my career, I am very well motivated to work on impactful projects specifically in this industry.


:alarm_clock: UPDATE: Applications are now closed!

Everyone who’ll apply after this message, won’t be considered eligible for the evaluation, and then the community vote for the election.

We’ll post soon updates about the next steps, stay tuned :slightly_smiling_face:


Unfortunately, saw the opening a little bit late. I would like to fill a full application for Tokenomics area (Junior) - Full Time, if you decide to extend the window. My LinkedIn is here. Thanks.

Before sharing Leagues feedbacks on each applicant and opening the community vote, we would like to assess the fitness of candidates in their field of interest.

To do so we have created a list of tasks for each open position:

  • Assignment for Business Development contributors
  • Assignment for Tokenomics contributors
  • Assignment for Finance contributors

You can find full instructions at this link.

These tasks won’t be the unique metrics used to shape our feedbacks, but will definitely help in understanding candidates readiness to join Idle current Leagues.

Deadline - 2021-12-07T22:00:00Z