Leagues Coordinators: making Leagues framework lean





This is a proposal to restructure the Idle Leagues application process and officially introduce the Coordinator role starting from the upcoming mandate (M2-2022). The aim is to introduce a more lean process to create and structure Leagues, while relieving IDLE tokenholders from the burden of voting every newly empowered contributor for the Leagues, scoping the vote to Leagues budget and Coordinators only.

Coordinators will preemptively propose a Coordinators Roadmap for the mandate they’re proposing themselves for, will take care of structuring Leagues members and setting the pace to achieve the proposed milestones.


As mentioned in a previous post about learnings and improvements for the Leagues framework, we have identified the need to have operational reference points in each League. This would allow tackling a lack of accountability and a directional guide for Leagues members, particularly for newly empowered ones.

A Leagues Coordinator acts as a glue between multiple Leagues and coordinates contributors’ work to achieve a long-term goal within Idle DAO. Introducing this position would provide Idle DAO and Leagues with a simple way of managing and holding Coordinators accountable through the future mandates.


Coordinators Framework

Coordinators will play a key role in the Idle Leagues by acting as the link between Idle DAO and the Leagues contributors. Coordinators define the needed Leagues Structure for the mandate, the Roadmap they want to accomplish, and the required Budget. They would be accountable for prioritizing the work and taking both business value and tech aspects into consideration to direct Leagues members’ efforts towards the growth of the Idle DAO and its product suite.

Coordinators Proposal

At the beginning of each mandate, there will be a 1-week window for Coordinators’ proposals submission. This is open to anyone and allows the community to maintain a decentralized framework to operate the DAO.

The Coordinators Proposal is formed by:

  • Leagues Roadmap
  • Leagues Budget
  • Leagues Structure

The Leagues Roadmap is an essential part of a Coordinator Proposal, where the Coordinators specify their perspective, in as great detail as possible, on how to successfully achieve the Leagues Mandate goals they are proposing to onboard, and how they plan to organize and provide accountability into their use of the budget. Their responsibilities will be to coordinate efforts and foster cross-Leagues initiatives to reach the proposed roadmap.

Coordinators are required to define the Leagues Budget, which allows them to meet their responsibilities by recruiting Contributors and sustaining the expenses for growth initiatives.

Lastly, Coordinators define the Leagues Structure. This illustrates the organizational structure of the Leagues that will be formed in order to achieve the Roadmap. The Structure shall describe the different Leagues that will be formed (e.g. the current Treasury, Development, and Communication) and the respective members for each League. Coordinators can propose positions that are already filled by contributors, otherwise, it will be their responsibility to recruit and fill the positions that are open for the mandate.

At the end of the mandate, the Coordinators can be re-elected via Snapshot vote (without the need for tokenholders to vote for each Leagues contributor), and a new Budget/Roadmap/Structure for Leagues can be assigned for the following quarter. The approved budget will be assigned to Coordinators via an on-chain IIP. If the Coordinators won’t be reelected, there will be another 1-week window for Coordinators’ proposals submission to elect new ones and reform the Leagues.

Closing Notes

Idle DAO has grown from 3 to 20 people within the Leagues during the last year. This scaling model – with Leagues, Labs, and Coordinators – is something that has been introduced gradually over the past year, to let contributors and our community get used to it. I can’t say it’s been an easy process and, as with any growing organization, today’s solutions give birth to tomorrow’s problems.

But so far, based on feedback and retrospectives, the scaling model seems to be providing a way to make governance accessible by creating tools around a DAO’s most basic and important primitive: people. And it gives us something to “grow into”. So stay tuned, the growth isn’t over.

Next Steps

We are going to leave this thread open for discussions and in about 3 days, if there are no objections, we will proceed with the Temperature Check. In case of approval, the Coordinators Framework will be adopted for the M2-2022.


Time to move the proposal to the Temperature Check phase!

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The final $IDLE voting weights will be calculated using the approved calculator.

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This proposal unanimously passed, and the official application post for M2-2022 mandate contributors was published.