Messari launches governance tool with Idle support

Messari launched a governance aggregator tracking early forum discussions to Snapshot to On-chain votes all in one platform. Behind the scenes, Messari aggregates all relevant proposals, votes, and posts into one easy-to-use platform so that users never miss a major vote and can quickly gather context surrounding on-chain actions. You can also vote directly by connecting via Metamask, Walletconnect, or Coinbase Wallet


Hi @jpurd17, welcome to the Idle governance forum :dizzy:

We are proud to be one of the first platforms joining the Messari governance aggregator.

Having one platform showing multiple governance initiatives will benefit the DAO community in having a better look at what’s going on under Idle hood and in the DeFi world as a whole.

:arrow_right: We encourage the Idle community to share any feedback related to their voting experience.