Redeem all the farmed tokens at the same time

Hello everyone, I wanted to make this proposal that seems interesting and useful to me:

at the moment the earned tokens ($COMP and soon $IDLE) must be redeemed individually from each pool.

Since many people could have investments in multiple pools, I wanted to propose to the dev team to be able to give the possibility to redeem all the farmed tokens with a single redeem operation,and not one for each pool, in order to facilitate all users who have small investments, people that would earn a little amount of farmed tokens, and be able to save gas fees too.

Thank you.


Hi @FedeCrypto welcome to the forum! I think that a simple new contract can be potentially deployed which simply calls the various redeemIdleToken of all selected tokens in a single tx (without redeeming the underlyings)


Hello @william thank you :slightly_smiling_face:,
If it’s possible, not only for $IDLE but for all current and future farmed tokens. One claim for all the farmed tokens.

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Yes the redeemIdleToken methods redeems all governance tokens and the underlying, but if 0 is passed as the _amount redeemed then only governance tokens (all) are redeemed to the user wallet


So, what needs for can do it?
A new smart contract or just some little changes at the UI of the website?

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A small smart contract is needed to redeem from all the pools


Great, hope some dev can create one :blush: