Strategies Revamp: unused assets wind down


On 2022-09-19T16:00:00Z, the following strategies/assets are going to be winded down.

Perpetual Yield Tranches:

Best Yield:


Both BY and PYTs strategies require a good deal of ongoing bandwidth to ensure users have a quality experience. Idle Leagues have been monitoring the performances of the strategies (as reported in the M2-22 report), and due to low profit margins or other externalities (eg FEI dissolution) we decided to keep in the main dashboard only the strategies with the most traction and efficiency.

Next Steps

If you have funds deposited in the above strategies, we suggest redeeming your funds before 2022-09-19T16:00:00Z.

After that date, deposits will no longer be available, and strategies will not be present in the main dashboard.

Users will still be able to redeem their funds from either the beta version of our dashboard or by interacting with the contracts on Etherscan. For further support, users can join our Discord server.