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Idle is a yield aggregator and rebalancing protocol, which offers a suite of allocation strategies that provides efficient lending aggregation and yield generation, allowing users to maximize returns and optimize risk exposure across DeFi protocols.

Funds are automatically reallocated between Compound, Aave, dYdX, and MakerDAO as interest rates change between these protocols. Idle fully automates and optimizes the interest accrual process for end-users to ensure they are constantly receiving the highest interest rates amid the aforementioned platforms.

The protocol was founded on the principle that money should never sit still. Idle is non-custodial and uses smart contracts to allow users to remain in control of their funds at all times. Idle has been audited by Quantstamp.

Idle launched the Governance system that replaced Idle protocol administration power with community governance — enabling users and contributors to propose, debate, and implement changes to Idle.

$IDLE is a token (ERC-20) that allows the owner to propose and vote any proposal made by token holders, or delegate voting power to another address. Anybody can participate in Idle governance by owning IDLE or receiving delegation.

This Forum is the place to propose new ideas and integrations, discuss IIP (Idle Improvement Proposals) and share improvement opportunities with other community members.

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