About the ๐Ÿ’ก Ideas & Improvements category

Everything that is not quite a proposal, but working toward becoming one โ€“ post it here to discuss and receive feedback from the Idle community.

This category is also the right place to talk about improvements and tech changes of the current protocol.

Here you can suggest new ideas and provide data, analysis, information to make your proposal stronger. Use the Temperature Check category to taste the sentiment of the community about a potential change and attach the poll to your post.

Once the idea is more structured and has the form of an implementable proposal, the initial proposer or a community member may decide to submit the idea as an IIP in the โ€œProposalsโ€ category on the forum. Here it can be further discussed among IDLE token holders and fine tuned.

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This is not the place for Idle support requests. If you need assistance or you would like to discuss general topics, please join the Idle Discord.

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