C&M League – Advisor Application

Hi all!

I am applying for the Advisor for Communication League within Idle DAO.

My name is Diana Richter and I head up marketing and brand at ConsenSys Mesh. At Mesh I not only support the Mesh marketing needs, but am also actively involved in the marketing activities of the Tachyon accelerator, and provide advisory services to our 170+ portfolio. Prior to that I was a brand marketing consultant working across a variety of industries, including healthcare, beverage, beauty, and micro-mobility at Lyft. Check me out on LinkedIn or Twitter.

As a brand marketer I think about top of funnel, brand building campaigns and initiatives, specifically rooted in partnerships. Outside of partnerships I have expertise in PR & communications, influencer programs, email marketing, social media strategy, and affiliate and referral programs. In addition to the tactical skills, I am rooted in understanding the audience, whether that be via conversations, surveys, paid customer research, it is fundamental to any strategy to have real insights to make data driven decisions. I’m a bit of a swiss army knife when it comes to marketing.

I met Matteo at a Tachyon alum event in New York and loved learning about the Idle community and am eager to be able to put my background to work for the DAO.

I recognize that the application window is closed, but I would still like to still ask the community to allow me to join for the next mandate.

Thank you all for your time and am hopeful to become a part of this ecosystem.


Welcome @dianarichter !

A pleasure to have you here love your experience and motivation :blush: I am sure the IDLE community recognizes talent and decides wisely.


Thanks for sharing your experience and putting through your application @dianarichter. Based on your experience, it sounds like you would be a great addition to the Communications League.


Hi @dianarichter,

happy to welcome you to the Idle Leagues :tada:

Please find the official governance post here.

Tomorrow - 2021-12-14T16:00:00Z - we will host an onboarding meeting for new contributors on Idle’s Discord.