Create an IdleCuve strategy (IdleCrv3pool)

It might be interesting to create an Idle strategy on Curve’s 3pool, the name could be “IdleCrv3pool”.

Curve 3pool link:
The aforementioned pool consists of the following tokens: DAI + USDC + USDT

The strategy should allow the investor to be able to feed the pool with all three necessary tokens or only one (option already present on Curve), the $CRV that will be earned will be converted automatically (every week or every month, depending on how much manages to earn the pool) in the stablecoin with the lowest amount within the 3Pool in order to also have a positive surplus and reinvested in the same pool to increase its value.

To exit the strategy, have the same possibility of being able to do so by receiving only one token or all 3 tokens available.

Enable $IDLE farming for this new pool too.


Hey @FedeCrypto, that idea is definitely cool and the idleCurve pool was already deployed in late December.
Due to accounting issues (the same that affected Harvest pool), the idleCurve strategy was closed few days after the launch.

The IdleTokenHelper already helped Harvest to deposit funds in Idle again, while Curve pool needs a bit more work to improve the fungibility of idleTokens.

The token customization to fulfill the Curve requirements is in progress, and then the Idle community will be able to make a structured proposal about the IdleCrv3pool :muscle:


Hey @Davide , I was aware of the Idle pool on Curve, but obviously I didn’t understand that my idea was similar to that pool.
The idea came to my mind thinking about the coumpounding strategies that Yearn and Harvest do.

So let’s hope it can come back soon :sweat_smile: :crossed_fingers:

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