Exchange Options


I’d like to gauge community sentiment towards exchanges generally. As we all know transaction costs on Sushi and Uniswap are currently prohibitive for regular traders to efficiently buy / sell / arb.

Obviously this is not an issue exclusively for Idle, however as our only real options for buying and selling tokens it is a challenge.

I’m wanting to understand community sentiment to adding additional trading options for Idle.

I personally would not want to spread or fragment liquidity, however I do see it as advantageous for community members to be able to trade more efficiently vs $30-50 per transaction or more at peak times.

I’m hoping to gauge views from the community on how important we see this in the role of the protocol to build sustainable value for the Idle token over time, and make it more attractive to onboard more community members who may be reluctant to buy due to high TX costs we are seeing.

Interested in perspectives on this from fellow community members, as I’ve heard a few comments from friends in other channels that find it to be a barrier,