Feed the Idle pools with different tokens

It often happens that certain tokens are not available into a wallet to be able to feed the pools, why not give the possibility of to make deposits with another token than that of the pool to be fed? The reference model could be that of Zapper.

Being able to invest in a particular pool using a different token, the system takes care of converting the token (using a DEX such as 1Inch, Matcha or Uniswap) into the token required by the pool and then deposits directly.

This type of tool could be a help for those people who are not very experienced and/or would prefer to use another token without having to convert on another platform and then return to Idle to deposit.
It would be useful to immediately integrate the possibility of using ETH / WETH.

I know that in the tools page there is the possibility of being able to swap (by the way using only Kyber), but if the option were implemented directly in the part of the pool for deposits it would be an advantage for many and surely it would be easier to use.

What do you think of this proposal?

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It’s something that can be added with a proxy contract on top, yes it would save 1 step for some people but not sure it’s something needed right away given the tools section

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Ok @william maybe it can be inserted into a to-do list of Idle :blush:

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:+1: @Salome and @emixprime are managing the to-do list currently