Flash Loan Revenue Fee Sharing

I just wanted to get discussion going about flash loan revenue sharing, since team is about to release flash loan feature. And since normal staking is on the discussion phase/will be worked on soon

I was thinking 75% of fees can go to IDLE stakers and 25% to treasury (but just using these numbers to start conversation)

Creating a incentivized staking feature is key is getting a high percentage of users to stake their IDLE, and will help reach that 70% lock rate from the circulating supply. Will also help offset the monthly emissions that will soon boost up starting May (If Iโ€™m not mistaken)

With users locking up tokens for LP staking and adding this for normal staking, it will help the ecosystem tremendously.

Once IDLE gets traction, many ppl will want to stake due to the revenue flash loans is bringing in.

We could create normal staking feature with idle rewards for ppl who donโ€™t lock up IDLE, and ppl who decide to lock up tokens for x amount of months can partake in the flash loan fee sharing.

If IDLE reaches anywhere near Aave flashloan fees, staking IDLE will be pretty lucrative (even tho its meant as gov token for now)

I know I brought up staking in general already, but this is mainly regarding flashloans, so wanted to start a new thread. Sorry in advance.


Hey @Falcone, the flash loan fee gets redistributed automatically to the pool depositors, exactly like in Aave in the current implementation (itโ€™s not that hard to change it btw if needed in the future). But this allows to increase the APR of the pool (and so the TVL ideally) and consequently the fee generated by the protocol. Given that the community already decided to implement IDLE staking right after the LP staking, I would say that the end result would be similar in the sense that potential revenues from a future fee sharing will be higher.


After LP staking goes live it will be the turn to start writing the code for single $IDLE staking.
Looking forward to see the discussion moving forward to iron out all the details.