Forum structure

I would like to discuss the gov. forum structure.

Is what you see when opening the forum on a mobile (at least, i do :sweat_smile:)

So, old weekly newsletters it starts with.

We should definitely think about a new structure, or be sure to update this one with new letters.

Would love to see other thoughts about the forum as it now. How can it be more attractive to others, so they anticipate more, other than getting rewards.

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Hey @AllinCrypto,

thanks for the feedback. I see your same layout from mobile.

I do agree with you that the current sectioning is not that appealing for users who read our posts from a mobile phone. Would think as well to update the 1st section, i.e. the Start Here. It’s also true that readers can just click on the menu and select the latest posts.

Having sections is a must in my opinion to create some order in the Idle DAO forum, nonetheless, we can think about updating it to promote better the most important posts.


Absolutely, sections are a must.
I assume the section are on a computer the same. :wink:

The most important reason i say this, if you enter the forum, it doesn’t look active at all.
If there where still updates in newsletters, it would be different. But now it looks death to me if i would enter the forum for the first time.

It can always be good to look to other DAO’s and crypto forums how they have there structure.
Learn and adjust.
But still, we shouldn’t create to much categories etc.

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