Governance Mining #4 - September/October 2022 DAO Rewards

We’re excited to announce the rewards for the most active DAO members of the last 30 days! :raised_hands: :rocket:

Reward Adjustment

As we didn’t reach at least 5 addresses in the Karma dashboard that have obtained scores this month, we decided to adjust the rewards based on the current winners, in this case, 3 addresses.

So, this time, we’ll distribute 1200 IDLE.

Top Addresses on Idle Finance Karma Dashboard (30 days filter, September)

  1. 0x9c39a2e1e124bda611321494ec99cc8c01e0731d
  2. 0x50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0b8be03dbcea4cb3990
  3. 0xdef9b06461329a6f808f696351f796778d11200b

Karma Score Reputation (September)

  • 0x9c39a2e1e124bda611321494ec99cc8c01e0731d = 300 score
  • 0x50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0b8be03dbcea4cb3990 = 163 score
  • 0xdef9b06461329a6f808f696351f796778d11200b = 150 score

Rewards (total budget 1200 IDLE to distribute)

Here’s the [transaction]:

  • 587 IDLE to 0x9c39a2e1e124bda611321494ec99cc8c01e0731d
  • 319 IDLE to 0x50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0b8be03dbcea4cb3990
  • 294 IDLE to 0xdef9b06461329a6f808f696351f796778d11200b



Good to adjust the reward!

Hopefully next reward more community votes.


September rewards just transferred :tada:


Hi @emixprime ,

In IDLE FACTORY community group someone is wondering what will happen with the 800 IDLE that wasn’t distributed this month.

Is it a idea to reward 7 people next distribution, if it’s the case 7 or more people anticipated this month?

had a reward this month :heart: , thank you!
Just created a forum account and linked with karma.
Like idle !


Welcome friend! Always good to see more people active.
And congratulations with the rewards.


For now, the 800 IDLE weren’t discussed to be added to the planned 2000 IDLE.

If we see more participation and a need to spread more the rewards (to more top addresses), then yes, it could make sense to these 800 IDLE!

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