[GRANT] Karma reputation aggregation system for Governance mining

[GRANT] Karma reputation aggregation system for Governance mining


Discord Id: mmurthy | showkarma.xyz#4254
I am the founder of Karma (www.showkarma.xyz), a reputation aggregation system for DAO contributors. Our system is currently being used in different ways by some of the most active DAOs in the ecosystem such as ENS, Gitcoin, Aragon and many others.

Karma has been powering the Idle finance governance mining program by aggregating contributor activity across various systems namely Snapshot, On-chain voting and Forum. The Idle team uses our leaderboard (30 day stats) to determine who the most active contributors in that time frame were and reward them.

Scope of the Work

We have added a number of features specific to Idle finance (such as support for multiple snapshot spaces) and have been proactively addressing any issues that have surfaced. @emixprime from the core team and one of the active contributor @AllinCrypto can speak for it as we have worked with them closely. There are few more features that need to be implemented to support the unique needs of Idle Finance, so we requesting a grant to build those features and help Idle succeed in this program.


Based on our learnings from last 3 months of supporting this program and feedback from @emixprime and his team and a number of ideas proposed by @AllinCrypto, we would like to enhance our system by implementing these changes

  1. Build a report with granular data showing all the activity - List of proposals in that timespan, Snapshot and on-chain votes of each user with timestamps, forum activity) which anyone can audit.
  2. Consider Snapshot votes on staking.idlefinance.eth with IIP as on-chain votes and not off-chain votes.
  3. Ignore on-chain votes from voters with 0 voting weight.
  4. Calculate score only if discourse or discord is linked and has activity (to prevent sybil).

We have not charged the DAO for our product until now but these above features will take a lot of development effort. We are requesting DAO a $5k grant to cover to build these additional features and continue supporting the governance mining program.



I updated the grant request amount based on feedback. We won’t charge for any features that can be useful to others, we will only charge for custom work that Idle needs and for prior custom work we did.


I can confirm the communication with @mmurthy is good and that he and his team is doing their best to help with problems and making things better.

For the things they did so far, imho they already deserve a grant/reward.

How further?

@emixprime , how sure are you about continuing with the Idle DAO Governance Mining and therefore the Karma dashboard ?

It’s for me mostly important that such reward programs + distribution are going totally as fair as possible.
@mmurthy and his team can help!

Will this program continue for (let’s say) at least a year?

@mmurthy , nothing against you… $10K isn’t probably a lot money for the things you guys did and are willing to do. But for me $10K is. :sweat_smile:
You guys deserve this, but I’m also thinking about how we secure this for IDLE.
Eventually (i guess) not only IDLE would benefit for doing these coding upgrades, other protocol’s can benefit from it to?! Karma itself will be stronger and better with these extra coding.

Related to the Karma team, there is for me enough trust.
But if we talk about payments and grants, i would prefer some kind of “No Cure No Pay” method. Or at least split the grant over the things that already happened and those things who needs to be done yet.

Would love to see more opinions.
But it shouldn’t take too much time, cos at some point… we need to continue… and @mmurthy deserves to know how we want to go further.

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First of all, I would like to publicly thank @mmurthy and the Karma team for their prompt responses to the various questions I have been asking over the past few months, closely following the development of the Idle governance dashboard. The product experience has been good with the dashboard, which can facilitate a lot if used especially to reward the most active DAO users.

Second, after talking about governance mining with the other Leagues contributors, we have decided to continue this initiative through the end of the year and then, in early January 2023, have metrics published to discuss the next steps together.

For this reason, we would like to decide on a possible grant for Karma (based on additional requests mentioned above) in January 2023.

We decided on what I wrote above since the metrics we have analyzed so far need more data to make a final judgment. There has been a minimal increase in average voter turnout, but we want to be clear about the correlation of the initiative by excluding external events that alter these metrics.

Therefore, an additional 3 months can clarify this initiative’s success or otherwise.

I hope this answer will keep @mmurthy and his team motivated, COS the discussion of a grant for what they do wasn’t new.

Will they be granted for sure if they continue support?

It’s new for everyone here in the forum which wasn’t involved via DM about Karma and Gov Mining updates! :grin:

I think only if the initiative will be successful and we’ll need to improve and update the dashboard with specific changes (which are only requested by Idle DAO).

In that case, it makes sense to discuss a specific grant focused on new and precise addition (e.g., such as some examples mentioned by @mmurthy above) rather than the current support that Karma also gives to other DAOs.