[GRANT] RFP-11: Upgrade Fee Collector



Currently developing a Fee Collector v2 that supports changing DEXes, unstaking and is based on a proxy contract that supports upgrading the Fee Collector implementation.

Scope of the Work


  • Replace current contract with an upgradable contract from Open Zeppelin
  • Support multiple DEXes and allow switching between them (eg. Uniswap V2 to V3).
  • Trigger cooldown (eg. for accumulated stAAVE tokens) and support unstaking these tokens.

I created a draft PR Upgrade Fee Collector (RFP-11) by nikolas-con · Pull Request #1 · Idle-Finance/idle-smart-treasury · GitHub that has more details in the description. In summary, smart contracts are updated to Solidity 0.7.5 (that supports Uniswap v3) and multiple DEXes are already supported.

I’m currently working on finalizing support to unstake fee tokens and there’s still work to be done for cleaning up the repository and make the current fee collector upgradable.

Discussion Links


Thanks for the update we will give it a check as soon as we have some bandwidth in the next few days!

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