[GRANT] RFP-9: Port mStable Idle Perp Yield Tranche to Polygon ($3,000 in IDLE)

[GRANT] “RFP-9” – Port mStable Idle Perp Yield Tranche to Polygon ($3,000 in IDLE)

As per our Discord conversation.

Done RFP-9 Port MStable Strategy to Polygon

Merged into Master (Port MStable Strategy to Polygon by idlehusbandry · Pull Request #31 · Idle-Labs/idle-tranches · GitHub)

My ETH address is “idl.eth” or “0x5bCfC2dee33fBD19771d4063C15cFB6dD555bb4C”

bls feed me sers.


Great! Thanks for your work, can confirm we can go on with the full payment :+1:


Great job @idlehusbandry! :partying_face:


Excellent job man! :partying_face::partying_face:


@idlehusbandry just transferred the grant reward :zap:


Hi Thank you for the transfer Biaf,

I wanted to check on the amount that was sent over. It appears I only got about 2.5K USD worth of IDLE. (even when going back a week or so on the pricing).

Am curious to learn how it was calculated that I should obtain 1,904 IDLE (worth 2.5K USD), despite the grant paying 3k USD.



The issue I think is that the payment is done using a 20-day avg price, which of course it’s not ideal and should be changed imo

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I agree with this, it should be done when the completion post + confirmation of task completion is done. So its a full exact payment with quantity of units on a live price for full accuracy.

May discourage anyone participating in grants if they dont get what it owed, which is obviously what we dont want. We want to encourage all.

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The grant rewards have been computed using this framework released on Jun '21, which is using a 20-day moving average price. I hope that all grants contributors have had a look at it.

It’s a methodology used in the space (see also IndexCoop) to pay grants and ensure consistency for all contributors (getting the rewards today or in eg 5 days, using the spot price, might make a great difference).

Using the spot price might give a sense of exactness now, but it won’t ever be accurate later as we’re in a volatile environment. The goal of using a rolling average is to dampen volatility. If you think in the opposite scenario, with avg price < spot price, it would have discouraged anything? We need to consider all the possible cases. How would you improve it?


ahh, I understand now. 20-day moving avg - that’s fair.

Wasn’t trying to complain guys, was just wondering what the measure was.

Thanks for the clarification!