Grants Payment Framework

The Treasury League would like to update the initial Grant Framework by specifying the grant payments to reward the work of users and developers in the community.

For this reason, we have created a framework to manage all upcoming grant payments from now on. With this post we aim to lay out how the process is intended to work and have an open discussion.

Important first step will be to ensure rewards are reported transparently in a monthly budget report: the Treasury League will publish it in the leagues-data-room section of the governance forum.

Payment for all our upcoming grants will be paid in $IDLE unless specifically stated otherwise. For the payment in $IDLE token we will use a 20-day moving average price which ensures consistency for all contributors in the Idle ecosystem.

We will keep this post here for visibility and open to comments/suggestions from the community for the next week, and then incorporate it in the Grant Framework :loudspeaker: