Grants Program Framework

As the Treasury League, we want to grow the Idle ecosystem by rewarding the work of users and developers in the community. For this reason, we have created a framework to manage the grants that we will be distributed from now on.

Dev Grants Ecosystem Growth (integrations, user-related features, UI/UX) Yes (off-chain)
Protocol R&D (optimizations, new gov/fees modules, security) Yes (off-chain and on-chain)
Community Grants Educational (educational video and written content about Idle’s protocol and the multi-language translation of these No
Challenges (challenges/contests on different themes in which users can participate and win prizes) No
Idle Heroes Bounty (be the hero of Idle: talk about Idle on social networks, spread the word, actively participate in discussions in the Idle gov forum, and get rewarded) No

How to apply for grants

Go to the official Idle Grant page and fill out the form of the grant you want to apply for.

After that, the Treasury League will contact you to understand better your proposal and to discuss all the details that you provided in the submission form.

Next steps after you get a reply from the Treasury League: propose your idea in the forum

Start a new thread in the forum, and chose the GRANT CATEGORY that fits your proposal (either “:desktop_computer: Dev Grant” or “:cyclone: Community Grant”).

Title: [SUBCATEGORY] “your title here” – Please include a clear and concise title, beginning with the specific grant subcategory you refer to; as you see, bounties programs (e.g., Idle Heroes) are not included since they do not require any proposal to be created.

  1. Abstract: Briefly describe the idea and the benefits you intend to achieve with the proposed changes for Idle protocol or how your proposal can benefit the community. KISS, and understandable by non-technical community members.
  2. Scope of the Work: Describe the technical specifications to implement the idea. Specify the tech & approach you will use to develop it. Keep it schematic and try to describe all required specs. Include sufficient details and explicit action points.
  3. Discussion Links: Link initial post or previous discussions, and any useful resource that might help understand the technical implementation (eg docs, white papers, …)
  4. Bio & Background: Briefly introducing yourself (or the team) and any past works. Applicants can remain anonymous, but past works should be mandatory to evaluate the skills of the developer if you are applying for Dev Grants.
  5. Budget: Provide a quote in $IDLE tokens to deliver the idea
  6. Timeline: Provide a roadmap/timeline for the assignment

How the Treasury League awards grants

The following points address how the Treasury League will choose Dev Grants proposals and how the prioritization of these into the roadmap works.

Instead, regarding Community Grants, we believe these should be handled more directly and independently by the Treasury League.

  • The Treasury League will award grants after a careful analysis.
  • The ideas that the Treasury League will choose will be included in the backlog of the community roadmap.
  • Periodically, the Pilot League will ask the community of Idle, to prioritize the backlog, namely which of the proposals in the backlog should be moved in the discussion phase, managing and assigning them before the others.
  • Since that moment, the Treasury League will discuss with the community the ideas included in the discussion phase column of the community roadmap. It will decide whether to go ahead with all the ideas or only some of them, depending on the community feedback and the mandate budget for that month.

Grants Payment Framework

  • Rewards will be reported transparently in a monthly budget report: the Treasury League will publish it in the leagues-data-room section of the governance forum;

  • Payment for all our upcoming grants will be paid in $IDLE unless specifically stated otherwise.
    For the payment in $IDLE token, we will use a 20-day moving average price which ensures consistency for all contributors in the Idle ecosystem.