[Guide] — How Early LPs Can Redeem IDLE

This document describes how early liquidity providers can redeem IDLE tokens allocated to them for their past contributions.

You need a Ethereum Wallet (e.g. MetaMask) and some Ether to redeem the tokens.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: Connect the wallet and land in the homepage
Click on this link: https://idle.finance/#/governance
Click “Connect” in the left part of the header, choose “Ethereum Wallet” and select your wallet type.
The homepage is the overview of the Governance ecosystem.

Step 2: Redeem IDLE
The header includes an alert that shows you how many IDLE you can claim.
Click “Claim Now” and the “Claim” button let you receive the tokens in your wallet.
No other actions are required!

If you close the popup, you can always open it by clicking on the balance near your wallet address.

Now you are ready to participate in the Governance process. Here below we list three guides that help you to explore the features of the Governance system:
How To Delegate
How To Vote
How To Propose an IIP