[Guide] — How To Vote

This document describes how to vote on proposals listed on Idle Governance using IDLE tokens.

Proposals, called also IIP (Idle Improvement Proposals), are usually discussed in the Governance Forum and then formalized through official on-chain proposals ( How To Propose an IIP).

In the Idle Governance system a voter needs to use an Ethereum Wallet (e.g. MetaMask) and have voting rights, self-delegated or delegated by others.
If this is your first time, you should check our How To Delegate to explore how self-delegation works or how to receive votes from IDLE token holders.
In case of third-party delegation, you must have received the delegation before the activation of a proposal, otherwise you are not eligible to cast your added votes to that proposal.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: Browse the proposals’ list
Once you have the voting rights, click on this page, connect your wallet and the latest proposals will be listed in the homepage.
Click on “Proposals” in the menu on the left and you are redirected to the full list of Governance Proposals, arranged in chronological order. Here you can select the items using filters.

Step 2: Explore a proposal
The header of the proposal page provides info about the proposer, the status of the proposal (Active, Executed, Rejected, Pending, Queued), its activity history and the actions that would be implemented if executed.

The second part of the page describes the details of the proposal in simple terms and lists the addresses (with their voting weight) that are in favor or against the proposal.

Step 3: Vote on a proposal
After a careful review of the proposal (only active proposals accept votes) and the self-delegation, click the “Vote” button.
Here you can choose to cast a “For” and “Against” vote. After choosing a voting action, a modal asks you to confirm the transaction via your Ethereum wallet. Confirming that action, the modal provides the transaction containing the voting data. It is confirmed once added in a block by Ethereum miners.

You can only vote once, so check your action multiple times before broadcasting it to the network.

Your job is done!

Come back to the Idle dashboard and you see that your vote is already added to the counter.

IIPs are executed if the majority (50% +1) of the voters cast a “For” vote and at least 4% of the total voting right supply [520,000 IDLE] has casted a vote on that proposal, in favor or against.

Please remember that community members can create a proposal if they have at least 130,000 IDLE as delegated votes and hold them during the entire voting process (up to the implementation).