IDLE Analytics Site

Since we have the pilot league setup, can we have someone work on some sort of external analytics page that I think community will find beneficial. That shows…

  • Daily, weekly, monthly graph that keeps track of each specific asset IDLE has and how much has entered/exited throughout those time frames.

  • Calculator where users can easily get an estimate of potential rewards from that pool when they put x amount of money, for both APY and IDLE distribution for that pool.

  • Roadmap laid out nicely with green checkmarks on things accomplished.

Maybe someone from the community can contribute this for free if skilled in website design etc. We can reward them some grant $ (likely wont be much, but its something)


+1. Something like this would be really great, and useful for potential new users as well.


Personally, I really really like the community analytics dashboard set up at Harvest Finance ( and it would be amazing if we could implement something similar in terms of the depth of data we provide investors.

FYI clicking on each one of the boxes there (ie. "Weekly Profits) will open up a historical chart for that specific data.


I like the idea a lot of a community analytics dashboard. The example that @wlamhk gave would work very well.
Also @8bitporkchop dashboard ( has lots of good statistics and infos. This is something that can be proposed for approval very soon.
I would like to hear more ideas of what the community would like to see in a Dashboard like this that is still missing from the two previous examples?


Just wanted to add a couple things:

Could we add the token schedule for ecosystem, team, investors, etc, so users can easily see.

Also, could we add something similar to the community roadmap that’s on trello? But I guess just an easy link for users to click to go to trello page is enough.

Also, can we add smart treasury stats as well: Total and daily, weekly , monthly stats on…

  • BAL LP rewards
  • Buybacks
  • Protocol Performance Fees
  • Rebalncer
  • Fee treasury

Also show stats of current liquidity in Uni, sushi, balancer

Also, number of wallets growth and the ‘average’ of all performance fees from all user withdrawals in IDLE protocol - daily/weekly/monthly.


Some metrics I’d be super interested in and I think would drive trust in the platform:

  • Average dollar value of tokens lent across all lenders (e.g. how much should I put in? how much are other folks putting in?)
  • Max amount lent by an individual lender (e.g. I was thinking about an amount above the average, but am I going to be the biggest player in this game?)

From a technical perspective I think it would be super important to setup a subgraph for the idle protocol This will make building the statistics dashboard much easier, as well as any other graphs/plots/metrics for idle.


Just wanted to quickly add a nice-to-have off the top of my head:

In addition to the weekly fees earned, there should also be a “total fees accrued” metric. As I’m guessing the 10% performance fee doesn’t count as “earned” until the user decides to withdraw and the performance fee goes to the treasury, there’s going to be an outstanding balance of accrued fees that are waiting to be earned once a user withdraws from the pool.

The total fees accrued would be the 10% performance fees waiting to be earned prior to a user withdrawing their funds/earnings from the aggregate total of all the pools.


Good point @wlamhk I will add this to the IDLE Analytics site Grant!


Hi @Salome, just wondering. Has there been any follow-up on the Idle Analytics site, is it live now?

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Yes, we organized an official grant to develop it

:arrow_right: Here’s the live page: Idle Analytics Site