IDLE DAO Governance Learning Program

IDLE DAO Governance Learning Program
IDLE DAO Governance School

Can be the start for new users before anticipating into the Idle DAO Governance Mining

Goal is to get more (active) users who wants to understand IDLE and all the things behind (DeFi, DAO, Gauges, Tranches, Staking, etcetra)

In the learning/school Program, the IDLE Bots take people into IDLE world with some easy lessons.
People complete a simple lesson with a multiple choice question.
A completed lesson should give a small $IDLE Token reward.

Therefore should be a (pretty big) budget available.
This idea, if team and Treasury League ( @emixprime ? ) likes it…
Should be worked out way more, and ofcourse, is it possible with the current knowledge etc. ?!

You can compare this idea with Coinbase Earnings or Binance Academy ( Learn & earn Courses )

My thoughts for starterts.

There should be 10 lessons designed/worked out. That can be completed in 10 x 1 minute.
Every completed lesson should give a $0,50 reward in $IDLE tokens
So max. reward $ 5,-

At the end of the course , there will be a refer to Governance Mining and how to anticipate.

Extra tasks should be completed to unlock the rewards.
For example

  • Follow IDLE´s twitters account
  • Subscribe to IDLE´s newsletter
  • Enter IDLE´s Telegram group
  • Register to IDLE´s Governance forum
  • Enter IDLE´s Discord group
  • Share messages about the Governance Learning (School) Program.

All can give a additional $ extra reward in IDLE .

How to accomplish this?

I think there are already multiple programs, or (telegram) bots who can help with a setup or distribution

Also we can think about specific rounds, so 100 people can enter for starter in round 1. When it´s a succes, a round 2 can start for more people.

if we keep it for not that much people, it can be checked all by hand for start.

There should be a pretty big budget so that enough interested people can anticipate and be part of the IDLE DAO Community.

Benefits will be very fast grow of the community and therefore all the benefits that can come with it.

Like mentioned , this is just the start of a idea.
If liked, i would be very happy to help and work this out more.

As always, i would love to read other people there thought…
Waiting for reply´s :wink:


@AllinCrypto, first of all, thank you for this input; I think there are many starting points you’ve shared with your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally, I’m a fan of educating people about something.

However, when speaking about new initiatives, we need to prioritize them according to the target of Idle.

Months ago, I was exploring platforms such as 101 or CryptoHunt.

I think what you were talking about could be similar: educate users about Idle using education pills and modules.

I agree these should be additional activities (can be done quickly via Gleam, but I’m less sure about the reward. :point_down:

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Hi @emixprime , thanks for your reply!

I am not familiar with those platforms, but every step in such (educational) direction, is a good one.

I can imagine to coding something like this can’t be a high priority at this moment, will cost a lot time + money if you want to make it professional.

The rewards where i was talking about, where all just examples.

How to continue?
You wrote that you explored some similarly (idea) platforms, isn’t it a idea to start some things up, without to much cost of time.
And if so, is there any opportunity (funds) to reward people.

Just wondering, why did it stay by exploring?

I think we all agree, getting rewards must be a reward that needs to be earned, not by just completing a simple tasks… but at least a bit of education, combined with sharing.

I would really like to see if can start something up like this, and not on the long run.