Idle Grants Program 2.0 (IGP)

:trophy: We are thrilled to announce the new Idle Grants Program (IGP) – you can visit the official page here.

The goal of this program is to reach more and more potential contributors who can genuinely grow the Idle ecosystem with their experience and passion for the DeFi world.

:man_technologist: :woman_technologist: In addition, we’ve recently seen that IGP is a great onboarding path for developers who want to join the Dev League: they gave to the Idle community the chance to assess their quality of work and expertise once they completed a grant.

:arrow_down: Now, as you can see from the new official grant page, we’ve added new things:

  • RFPs list: it’s important to give some ideas to applicants on what is needed from the Idle DAO side, that’s why we created a Request for Proposals list.
    All contributors can now browse here a list of available tasks to work on, understanding from the description what’s the scope of the work and the related reward;

  • New form: applicants can now highlight if they want to work on an available RFP or if they want to propose a new idea;

  • Recent grantees: here you’ll see all the awarded projects which went through the Idle grant until now. Many thanks again to @emilianobonassi @8bitporkchop @aaaaaaaaaa @sunnyrk @dantop @bakuchi, you guys are part of the Idle ecosystem growth and it’s a pleasure to show your work rewarded publicly :grinning: :raised_hands:

  • Info & Resources: Useful content to help applicants understand IGP and get guidelines on how to submit and work on a grant request

:moneybag: Regarding funding requests to Idle DAO, we kept the previous rules about the amount requested for each grant:

  • Small-size grants (<$15k): are issued directly by Treasury League and publicly announced;
  • Medium and big-size grants (>$15k): approved by the DAO.

We are really happy to have seen a lot of talent collaborating with Idle, and we’re amped to see new contributors who will help grow the protocol and the whole ecosystem! :rocket:


Hey there! Happy to see this program live.
I would like to work on some of the proposed RFPs, enjoyed working on the tranches with the Convex Strategy :slight_smile:
Will take care of RFP-13 for now (update governor to GovernorBravo), a PR is already in review. Will also open a post once I got some updates.