Idle Leagues - Current Team Reconfirmation (M3 → M4)


A proposal to re-confirm the current Leagues’ team members, with minors position and seniority changes, in light of the last mandate’s learnings and insights.


Mandate 3 (Sept - Nov 2021) has been insightful and helped us identify our angles and area of specialisation. With this in mind, we are presenting the current team and a proposal to reconfirm its contributors and advisors.

Leagues have decided to anticipate the reconfirmation vote (from now on we plan to open it mid-month during the last month of each mandate) to ensure continuity of DAO operations, decrease empty periods during one mandate and the other and smooth the onboarding process of new contributors.

Current contributors and advisors

The Treasury League contributors, @Teo, @Davide, @emixprime, and @Biaf, would like to reapply for the same positions held during M3 with equal seniority levels*. @RTP2016 will move back to his previous advisor position, while @Salome, and @kayleebushell have decided to step down from any operative activity within Idle DAO for the next mandate; they will mentor new contributors and help in the onboarding period.

@william, @samster91, and @dhruv035 will reapply to their current positions in the Dev League, while @gravityblast, and @8bitporkchop have decided to wind down from their Idle DAO positions. There are currently four grants under development, and we feel this is a good onboard mechanism for new dev contributors.

@DenisDevcic, and @Luka_p will as well reconfirm their positions and seniority levels as contributors in the Idle DAO Communication League.

Idle’s advisors, @ETM612, @thomas, @felix, and @mikojava will retain their current roles and fields of advisory.
*all Leagues changes presented will happen after the end of M3.

Leagues’ sentiment

Below you will find some aggregated data summarising the self-assessment questions of the current team on the mandate performance. The infographics below shows the Top 3 achievements, blockers and workflow changes as voted by the team. The majority of current contributors judge their time commitment in line with their expectations, nonetheless, we think that workflow management should be fine-tuned. Starting from the next mandate we will put in place further coordination tools to increase cross-Leagues joint efforts.

Next Steps

At this link the community can find a summary list of the Mandate 3 achievements. A full report on M3 achievements will be shared during the CC#3 on 2021-11-30T17:00:00Z.

In a couple of days, we will open the usual Snapshot polls to cast $IDLE votes.
Reconfirmed contributors and advisors will receive the end of mandate bonuses as stated in the applications post.


I would suggest 2 different polls to reconfirm League members and the Advisors.
I would also expect some Advisors to give up their bonus and make a donation of their salaries for the last 3 months. They know who they are.

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It was a pleasure to contribute to the IDLE DAO during the last 10 months! It was a journey impossible to imagine when I started at the beginning of this year.
Lots of achievements, lots of challenges and a huge learning curve :rocket:. There was never a dull day.

It was a pleasure to work closely with the Treasury League members @Teo who is a great mentor and friend. After months of working online, he even went on a trip to the Costa Rica jungle to meet me IRL!
@Davide is this super friend that I don’t mess around when he is crunching numbers for Idle Finance, he is also a great mentor with so much patience and endurance!
And also @emixprime who is on this ship since the very beginning and always is there for support when needed.
Also excited to see new talents getting into the space @Biaf! and @DenisDevcic that I initially met in the middle of the desert (no joke) before even being part of this…crazy.

A big, really big thank you to the Idle community who enabled me to represent the DAO and help shape the protocol’s future :family_man_woman_girl_boy: :heart:

Excited to take a break and then come back in 2022 :champagne:. In the meantime, I will stick around and help the newcomers to onboard and get them to know the League’s processes.


I enjoyed being able to contribute to Idle and learn about their bold vision. The team was very welcoming and they were able to make the onboarding process seamless. Also, it was great to see the strong community of Idle throughout the mandate. I have decided to take a break as I have gotten busy with some family/work things. I hope to connect again soon.


Hi @unicorn,

Thanks for the hints! Always precious. We are indeed planning to have more granular voting on reconfirmation like this. We will do so starting from the next mandate.

Regarding advisors, let me share that some already forego part of their mandate compensations due to availability constraints.


Always precious… and delicate ser

let’s talk about bonuses too: are the advisors who already forego part of their compensations still be eligible for bonuses?

In general, if there are any bonuses being planned to be distributed at this point, what are the criteria?

thanks in advance

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Leagues’ team reconfirmation Polls - M3-2021

:writing_hand: We can now move to the voting phase:

:arrow_right: Current team reconfirmation (Idle Holders): HERE
:arrow_right: Current team reconfirmation (Idle Stakers): HERE

:alarm_clock: Both snapshots will last 3 days, until 2021-11-25T19:00:00Z.


Bonuses are considered a one-time premium, hence not strictly related to mandate compensation.
All the reconfirmed contributors working in the next mandate, M4, will be eligible for the bonus awards.

We will release the vested options executable at the end of Mandate 4 (after 3 months, with a life duration of 1 year) holding the $IDLE bonuses.

Contributors can opt-out from this incentive, as well, if they judge their commitment below their expectations.


the Leagues had the opportunity to separate votes for Advisors and the rest of the team in this reconfirmation in a timely manner, instead of wasting another 3 months.

The community voiced several times their reservations in discord and TG.
I am not alone here.

Idle is a DAO, the Leagues execute what the ecosystem decides and when there is no consensus, the dialog must continue.

Idle is not a Bank or like any random corporation out there, and no-single person calls the shots in the DAO.

Just my 2 gwei.
Always precious and delicate.

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Sincerely, I don’t see the meaning in opening a discussion on something we agree on.
We both think that there is a need to update the Idle DAO voting processes.

We are already working on the reshaping of the internal ways to gather individual degrees of contribution to Idle’s initiatives. We are also aware of the missing granularity in the current voting system. It will be a broad responsibility of the Leagues to find more ways to report contributions and foster a more informed vote. There are multiple initiatives in place and we favoured to stick to the model defined at the beginning of the mandate.

Regarding the advisors, they contributed silently to shape the current Idle DAO’s outcome. We cannot solely measure their contribution by their activeness on public channels.

I see the role of Leagues as a team that is contributing on a daily basis to shape Idle’s future in the best DAO interests. Growing takes time, but we should deliver now. It’s one of Leagues’ tasks to prioritize some decisions over others being aware of all the internal activities happening.

I understand that sharing part of this additional information could have better informed our community before the vote. We are on it!

Always open to future constructive contributions in the DAO interests.


I am curious in hearing @RTP2016 @ETM612 @felix @thomas @mikojava about their “silent contributions” in the last 3 months as idle advisors:

  • B2B leads
  • protocol integrations
  • new product ideas
  • DAO2DAO partnerships
  • Treasury diversification
  • community growth

Also think it would be great to hear from everyone to understand where they have contributed, learnings, barriers and view on how we move forward positively.

It’s very difficult to assess contributions so I think it’s a reasonable request from the community to ask the advisors for a download / perspective.

Good to call this out for discussion @unicorn


Hi Everyone,

I would like to add some comments to this thread. I was supported by the community back in April to join the Leagues on a part-time basis as a supervisor which worked for me as I have time constraints with my other job.

As a supervisor, my main responsibility was to be supporting the core team in various ways - reviewing forum posts, creating guides, reaching out to potential b2b partners, supporting project managers, whatever helped, including driving Bancor whitelisting.

Since mandate 2 I have been less able to support the team due to other “IRL” commitments I have had to attend to. I have still been contributing to the DAO with internal operations but less outward activities.

As I said to Matteo and the team, I would still like to contribute to Idle where I can with my limited time and hence the change in role title for this mandate (M3).

I think one thing to say is, DAOs are a human coordination effort and the team efforts should be seen as one. If the team feels there is someone that is not the right fit or cannot contribute to the team goals/objectives in some way then I would presume the relationship would not last long.

To end with a football :soccer: analogy (everyone loves football!) - sometimes Mbappe has a bad run but then Neymar steps up… Or Messi. The important thing is to have a team that can fill the gaps when those players have an off game or get injured and when required and we move in the same direction.


Temperature check to reconfirm current Idle’s contributors approved :white_check_mark:
Congratulations to all Leagues’ members :tada:

Snashot polls

We will follow up with additional details related to M3 bonuses.

Join us in the CC#3 for a more detailed achievements summary - 2021-11-30T17:00:00Z.