Idle Monthly Community Call


We are excited to announce that the Idle DAO contributors will host the first monthly community call at the end of this month! The Idle community is at the core of what we do, and we want to ensure the community is entirely up to date with the latest updates and has the opportunity to provide feedback. We will also have some fantastic giveaways, so don’t miss out!


  • 30th September 2021, 12 pm EST (4 pm UTC) [duration: 1h]
  • Keep tabs on the countdown clock to ensure you’ve got the time right in your diary :slight_smile:



  • During the call, we will cover all key updates related to the protocol, governance and financial performance. We also plan to cover the community roadmap and provide answers to some of your questions.
  • There will also be an awesome giveaway during the call!

We are super excited to kick this off and looking forward to seeing you all there.

What do you want to ask? Please leave some questions/topics in the form below that you would like the team to cover during the call.

Leave your feedback here

See you there!


Love to see this happening, I am sure we gonna collect great inputs from the community and will have amazing real time discussion!:family_man_woman_girl_boy::heart:
Just an input I would like to mention for the community calls. In the Future I would love to see this happening on Twitter space also. Twitter is where the crypto audience is super active and our community calls will be wider accessible.


Discord + Twitter spaces ser… Everyone in crypto is there.
You can even do it simultaneously.

Recently i was attending a call from another protocol:
6 ppl attending on discord
50 ppl attending on Twitter spaces


I agree… We should do Twitter Spaces as well. It’s probably not too late. Let’s see what we can do :slight_smile:


Thrilled to see this initiative!
Will really help with getting people more engaged and clued into everything going on.
Agree with the twitter point too, we want to grab as much audience as possible along the way.


Hi guys,

Great call!

I was hoping future calls could be 2 -3 hours earlier?

The currently time is really inconveninent for Asia Pacific timezones. : (