IDLE (Ro)bots , promotion materials

Hi all,

At some point we need more promotion + materials.
One of my thoughts about materials is to do something extra with the logo, as kind of mascot.

My thoughts go to, 2 robots , called IDLE Bots.
Each half of the IDLE logo represents 1 bot.

What does IDLE robots do?
Making more money for you with APY.
We can imagine all kind of short movies (gifs) where you see the logo/bots working, making more money.

There should be some funny (introduction) movies, nfts, badges, memes… as well.
al kind of stuff is possible.

I should be able to do some sketches, but i am not a pro (yet) ;). Or maybe we already have someone else in the community who can do some sketches.

Any other thought?


wen sketches of the IDLE bots please ser

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Hey @AllinCrypto, that sounds like a nice idea!

I can tell you that, as Pilot League, we plan to launch challenges on the design side as well, so an activity like this one you proposed would fit! :grinning:

Stay tuned, we are working on a grants framework that we will post in the forum to collect your feedback and comments, a framework that will be necessary for users to propose ideas and apply for grants :rocket: :bulb: :moneybag: