IdleTokenGovernace adaptive fix for Aave V2

@Fedecrypto started the topic “Aave’s platform change, from V1 to V2” and the community correctly pointed out the priority of this initiative.

According to the Aave’s roadmap, the migration from V1 to V2 should happen in about one month. Even if this deadline might be extended, Idle protocol should schedule this update on time.

After drafting the new required wrapper we noticed that the main IdleTokenGovernance implementation (shared among all idleTokens) requires a small change in the contract, in order to correctly support the addition of new wrappers.

A fix has been proposed here and the Governance might discuss the topic, evaluating the priority and if an on-chain proposal should be launched. Peer reviewers engaged in past activities (@emilianobonassi, @MickdeGraaf, @patitonar) could also express their concerns and feedback.

To speed up the update, it should be possible to merge this with the Treasury Committee on-chain proposal, which should come in about one week.

According to the discussions, the Pilot proposal consists of only one transaction (from the Ecosystem Fund to the Committee multisig), therefore it should have space to embed the other 9 actions needed to upgrade implementations of all 9 idleTokens.

If the community is willing to move quickly with this initiative and no issues pop up, the final decision should be made in a few days through a Temperature Check.


This topic deserves a follow up because time is running, and we now have the chance to pool this minor fix with the Pilot League IIP.

You can find more information about this Aave v2 implementation here: Aave's platform change, from V1 to V2 - #12 by william

In this way, we would speed up its execution and avoid duplicating the Governance efforts by voting twice for this implementation and the League.

Pilot’s elections are now closed and the on-chain proposal will come in a few days, so we can take this time to taste the community sentiment on this change.

The post above generated a good engagement, but if there are other considerations on it we would like to have Idle fellows express their views on this proposal.

The snapshot poll has been launched here: Snapshot

Vote “FOR”, if you agree to merge the adaptive fix with the upcoming League’s IIP.

Vote “AGAINST”, if you do not want to see the implementation of the adaptive fix.

Vote “Discuss more”, if you have concerns about the implementation approach.

End date: 2021-02-14T15:30:00Z

Snapshot is an off-chain solution to cast a vote by signature, no gas spent.


Taking a look @william :wink: