[IIP-37] - Strategic agreement with Fasanara Digital and Leagues budget for M3-2023


Treasury League and Development League


The IIP formalizes the tokens transfer between Idle DAO and Fasaanara Digital as part of the strategic diversification plan. It also includes the funding of the Leagues’ budget for M3-2023.



1. Idle DAO Strategic Agreement with Fasanara Digital

This proposal specifically formalizes the strategic agreement between Idle DAO and Fasanara Digital

The agreement will be subject to the following conditions:

The first point has already been fulfilled by Fasanara (reference Tx). The second point will be fulfilled by the Treasury League by sending 150,000 IDLE to the Fasanara vesting contract after the completion of this IIP.

2. Leagues M3-2023 Expected Budget

The IDLE budget for M3-2023 has been adjusted. The full overview is available here.

The expected budget for M3-2023 is $180,308 in stablecoin and 187,791 IDLE (using a 20-day rolling price at the time of writing).

The Treasury League multisig stablecoin holdings currently stand at $30,308 and 4’300 IDLE hence $150,000 will be transferred from the Idle DAO Fee Treasury, and 183,491 IDLE will be transferred from the Ecosystem Fund.


The code for the IIP-37 can be found on GitHub here and consists of two actions.

IIP-37 actions:

Next Step

The temperature checks for the above proposals have already been successfully closed. We are going to open the on-chain voting phase right after the publication of this Idle improvement proposal.


On-chain Voting Phase

:writing_hand: Cast your on-chain $IDLE vote here: HERE
:spiral_calendar: End date: 2023-07-09T01:00:00Z

:writing_hand: $IDLE stakers (stkIDLE holders) can vote here: HERE
:spiral_calendar: End date: 2023-07-08T19:00:00Z

The threshold to make the off-chain poll valid (both metrics should be reached):

  • 20% of circulating stkIDLE voting the poll (min. ~131k stkIDLE)
  • at least 70% on the same option.

The stkIDLE voting calculator will be used to calculate the final results.

Make sure you have been delegated to participate in this voting round


Voting results and IIP queuing

IIP-37 passed with 550k IDLE votes in favour :desert_island:

It has already been queued and executed :rocket: