Leagues budget M1-2022 extension


Treasury League: @Biaf



Extending the $IDLE budget of the current M1-2022 mandate (Jan-Mar 2022) to refund the Ethereum B2B affiliation program and Idle grant rewards.


Starting from January 2022, Leagues paid out around 24,000 $IDLE to reward B2B partners and developers.

These rewards exceeded the budget expectation, hence their payment has partially affected available $IDLE liquidity in the Treasury League multisig previously set aside for Leagues contributors (i.e. β€œRewards” in the M1-2022 Budget post).

We would like to ask for an $IDLE refund from the Idle DAO with resources coming from the Ecosystem funds to ensure Leagues rewards payout for March 2022.


24,000 $IDLE transfer to the TL multisig will be included in the next IIP-19.
All details and addresses will be included in the IIP-19 official governance forum post.

Next Steps

If any motion won’t be made on this proposal, the 24,000 $IDLE transfer will be included in the IIP-19 on-chain proposal.