Leagues multisig management


This post summarizes the current multisig used by Leagues on different chains.


Background and specifications

Recently, some updates and changes were made to the Leagues’ multisigs. This post summarizes the addresses being used.

Idle DAO’s Leagues currently manage 8 Safe multisig with different purposes, signers and thresholds for execution

  • On Ethereum we have 4 addresses: 2 used by Leagues (Treasury and Development) for daily operations, 1 used to cast stkIDLE on-chain voting preferences and one for emergency pausing of the protocols.
  • On Polygon we have 3 addresses: 1 used by Leagues for daily operations and 1 used to collect the fees on-chain. On Polygon zkEVM we have only 1 address again used by Leagues.
  • On Optimism we have 1 address that will be used to receive and later distribute the grant funds coming from the OP foundation.

The signers of these multisigs are core contributors and, sometimes, advisors.

Chain Address Tag Threshold
Ethereum 0xFb3bD022D5DAcF95eE28a6B07825D4Ff9C5b3814 TL multisig 3/6
Ethereum 0xe8eA8bAE250028a8709A3841E0Ae1a44820d677b DL multisig 2/4
Ethereum 0xb08696Efcf019A6128ED96067b55dD7D0aB23CE4 stkIDLE 3/5
Ethereum 0xBaeCba470C229984b75BC860EFe8e97AE082Bb9f Pauser 2/4
Polygon 0x61A944Ca131Ab78B23c8449e0A2eF935981D5cF6 TL multisig 3/5
Polygon 0x1d60E17723f8Ca1F76F09126242AcD37a278b514 Fees receiver 3/5
Polygon zkEVM 0x13854835c508FC79C3E5C5Abf7afa54b4CcC1Fdf TL multisig 3/5
Optimism 0xFDbB4d606C199F091143BD604C85c191a526fbd0 TL multisig 3/4


For a matter of completeness, we have also run a multisig performance analysis using Multisight on the Treasury League multisig on Ethereum, i.e. the most active.
Multisig performances are often measured in terms of the single signers KPIs such as:

  • the number of transactions submitted, confirmed and executed over the total number of transactions
  • the average confirmation time (ACT) elapsed from the transaction proposal and the effective signing by a signer

Below are the TL multisig performances in the last year (Sep 2022 to Sep 2023):

Signer Submission Confirmation Execution ACT
0xE5D…3e64B 19 62 13 20 minutes
0xb37…E7bF7 7 65 1 26 minutes
0xeA1…6BDE5 70 85 70 6 minutes
0xd88…bAB9b - 37 2 1 hour
0x06b…026Ab 4 48 - 27 minutes
0x7D5…62898 - - 4 -
0xeFb…99379 - - 1 -
0x072…8e7E1 - - 1 -
0x8A7…3b393 - - 1 -