Link ETH address to forum handle for Karma reputation

We have built a dashboard for Idle Finance DAO to show all the delegates, their governance activity, and their reputation. You can find more details here

To see a full reputation, governance participants have to link their forum handle/username to their wallet used for voting.

This will help us show all your activity in one place and also boost your karma reputation score. We would like to use this Topic for governance participants to sign a message using their wallet and post it here so we can link.

If you are interested in seeing all your activity, please link your forum handle to your wallet on Karma dashboard.

Here is the video showing how to link your wallet address and forum handle: How to guide


Thanks @mmurthy :raised_hands: :partying_face:

Verifying my forum identity for idlefinance governance addr: 0x30723bb508e84706297eef689c20096907023897 sig: 0x7cc320e0f1af54218a4d000363352003f18217884ddcf23e56b60dcf5796c12e09e4bba4726129655ecde30adff884fa06b8a9aeca8a6701a05eb37d895ec90100 #idlefinancegovernance

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Verifying my forum identity for
idlefinance governance addr:
b8be03dbcea4cb3990 sig:
28fc6 1 0b7c1 729fe5996c99bd
e21 2c03e3e8cf02e583b83159
846325ab73002d8ad3 7c6309

Verifying my forum identity for idlefinance governance addr. Ox50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0
b8be03dbcea4cb3990 sig: 0x3c0f7ebd0802a1260059c7f28fc610b7c1729fe5996c99bde212c03e3e8cf02e583b83159f43bea2d061c7326398712f23846325ab73002d8ad37c6309Od23c31b #idlefinancegovernance

Note, i hope its going right now, cos it’s hard to do on a mobile phone, especially when using coinbase wallet build in browser.

The copy text button didn’t worked for me, also selecting the text wasn’t a option to copie.
What i tried is making a screenshot and let the software of my phone copie text from screenshot.
Therefore, the first link above wasn’t as it should be, hopefully the second in is.

( @mmurthy )

Don’t know if this is a automated proces?
Cos according i believe it still isn’t linked. :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience, I manually linked your handle to wallet, you should be all set. We will fix the issues so other mobile users don’t run into the same issue


Thanks for the fast reply and solution.

Be alert, in my situation it’s literally in the build in coinbase wallet browser, different than chrome etcetera.

Verifying my forum identity for idlefinance governance addr: 0xDef9b06461329A6f808F696351f796778d11200b sig: 0xfb5f746df1a5c68b0785abbb4848aa4141b190315a4a947c47548ffca5ad5a7c510d6418b8fdcb9c7b6ffaf761d9a4e296c64208f3e63e128d2e7be5365faa8a1c #idlefinancegovernance