Liquidity Incentive Continuation

Hey Everyone,

I’d like to raise the point that the current LP Staking Programme is due to conclude next month.

Given this, I think it is timely for us to open a discussion on the performance of this program, and whether it should be continued post the 6 month conclusion.

As it stands I’d like to gauge community and DAO sentiment on whether SushiSwap continues to be the most appropriate place for the bulk of liquidity and if this is helping Idle to drive deeper collaboration with that team (which I believe was a key reason we voted in favour of Sushi > Uniswap)

Given the timeframe to allow discussion and governance process to be completed in time for us to make a call on the future of the program I think it is a good time to gauge community sentiment.

I’m conscious that prior to the LP Liquidity Staking on Idle we suffered from significant volatility so I’d personally like to see us roll over to another extended period of the LP program.

Hope to hear view from other community members on this.




Hey CB – thanks for bringing this to attention. I agree a retrospective regarding the current SushiSwap LP staking program would be useful, as it would help us understand how to eventually structure further ones.

I believe @Salome and @Davide are on the lookout to make an analysis about it.

Some time ago, I found this article very interesting to evaluate native tokens’ liquidity, particularly for the metrics in the appendix. Food for thoughts: