Making idleTokens available on mobile apps

Technically, IDLE strategies can be available for purchase on other platforms/brokers since they are ERC20 tokens.

Taking into consideration risk and yield, idleTokens fit perfectly with users wanting to getting started with crypto or outsiders that want to benefit from the APY without the technical struggle and with less risk than other protocols.

I would like to propose that the community suggests their favorite mobile apps with the objective of reaching out to them with a clear business proposal to make idleTokens available for purchase inside these mobile apps.

Examples already mentioned by the community on telegram are:

Eidoo Wallet
Ember Fund
… Others

After shortlisting candidates, it would also be necessary to start the discussion about how to reward these partners.


The unique selling proposition of Idle is quite clear: integrating us instead of each financial protocol saves times and efforts (less due diligence, no need to carefully follow each community). Users get the best APY across many permissionless platforms and have a better risk management.

These points are already strong, but sometimes not enough to convince integrators because platforms might prefer centralized solutions that share a referral fee.

This means that, at the moment, we should focus on platforms that look at real innovations and are committed in DeFi. If a fee sharing program will be implemented, also platforms interested in economic deals might be a good target

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Can we structure a process to initiate/approach other DeFi communities?

For CeFi platforms, they basically would be acting like brokers/agents so a fee sharing would make sense or a buyback/swap of their own gov token (when applicable).