No option to send my funds back to my wallet?

Your site is not working for me and I cannot get it to approve the contract from my wallet, it is saying I do not have the gas fees to pay. I have .99 eth in my ledger, so this is nonsense. Anyway, I want to put my USDT back into my ledger but where is the option to send it back? This seems like it’s only one way as there is no send option, on receive. I want my USDT back to my wallet. Any help?

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The balances section merely shows you what you have in your wallet (with the address you obscured). Idle is non-custodial. You hold your tokens in whatever wallet you have. The 465.85 USDT is still in your wallet. Additionally, if you could not approve the deposit transaction, then you could not have sent anything to the idle contract. Your funds have not moved anywhere.

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Thanks @Stealthbird97 for helping with this enquiry.
@biguzi, the answer above already shows how Idle works, but if you have any concerns please come in Telegram or Discord, and we will be glad to provide further assistance.
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